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November 9, 2020
Exhibition Game Update

From Krista...

I hope everyone is excited for today's Exhibition Game. Just wanted to let you all know that we are going to treat this like a real game and go through the motions of entering and exiting the building appropriately for Spectators. 

Team #1 - Home Team 

(wears red jerseys and white socks)

Dressing room volunteers - Karey Sian, Natalie Dallaire

Contact Tracing - Krista Millar-Smith

Spectators Entering the Building 

APM has installed a neon OPEN sign to let Spectators know when to enter the building:

Solid neon = Home Spectators will enter

Flashing Neon = Away Spectators will enter

I am not going to put a limit on the number of people that each person can bring as I don't think any teams have gone over their 50 person limit except for the AAA teams. Please use common sense and do not show up with 5 people but 3 is likely safe. We will see how it goes! 


4:40 - all players, coaches and dressing room volunteers arrive (no parents in the lobby and please don't be late!). And as per Coach Nadine's note on Facebook, if you're able to pre-tie skates, that would be a help!  

5:00 - all players need to be ready to have a chat with their Head Coaches (boards are put up by other coaches)

5:10 - players and coaches go onto ice

5:12ish - Home Spectators will enter the building when OPEN sign is turned on. They will proceed directly into the rink and be contact traced by dressing rooms 3&4 then will sit in sections 4,5 and 6. 

5:14ish - Away Spectators will enter building when sign begins to flash. You will be contact traced right inside the rink doors and then proceed to sections 1, 2 and 3. 

Rink Doors will be locked at 5:25 (always 15 minutes after an ice time begins). If you want to be guaranteed to watch, you must be at the rink for ​the start of the game and enter with the appropriate cohort of spectators. You will not be granted admittance if you are late.

Spectators Exiting the Building 

Once the game ends, players and coaches must all be in their dressing rooms before spectators are permitted to exit the stands. 

Team Volunteers will advise you when you are allowed to exit the building. 

HOME Spectators will exit through dressing room doors 3&4.

AWAY Spectators will exit through dressing room doors 1&2. 

Players will exit the building when they have chatted with their coaches and have undressed. 

November 7, 2020
Team Pictures

Team Pictures

Per November 6th memo from Hockey PEI, please be advised there will be no team pictures until further notice (and direction from the CPHO).

November 7, 2020
2020/21 U-9 Girls' Game Schedule

Game Schedule

The 2020/21 U-9 game schedule has been released by Hockey PEI-- we're in the Western League.  The link to the general schedule can be found here:

Hockey PEI Game Schedule (All U-9 Teams)

For ease of reference, I will pull out all of the girls' games and add them to our google calendar and Facebook Events page.  If changes are required due to scheduling conflicts or weather, I will post an update here and on Facebook.

November 5, 2020
2020/21 U-9 Girls (Team 1) Update

Hi All, my name is Tamzin Gillis (aka Adelaide's mom) and I will be the U-9 (Team #1) Manager for the season. Although I have a hockey background, I have never managed a team before, so bear with me.  I will do my best to give you timely information in a format you can follow but, by all means, if you have any questions or suggestions based on your past experiences, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.   

Team Calendar

A Google Calendar has been added to the "A-1 Flames - Girls" page.  As practice, game or meeting dates are confirmed, I will add them to this calendar and as Events in the team's private Facebook group-- that way we won't have to navigate the larger NRMHA Calendar to find the girls' times.  I have also made the calendar "public" for those of you who want to subscribe to it.  

2020/21 U-9 Girls Google Calendar

Player and Parent/Guardian Information

So we have up-to-date contact information for parents/guardians, and to ensure we have the basic information for players to support a fun and safe season, please fill out the Google Form below as soon as possible.  While the NRMHA team page, e-mail and the private Facebook group will be our main sources of communication, phone numbers are required in case of an emergency.

Player and Parent/Guardian Information Form

Private Facebook Group

I have created a private Facebook group for the team-- I'm hoping it provides a more user friendly place to share team information and engage with one and other.  Practices, games and meetings will also be added to this page as an "event" for those who prefer that platform.  

If you want to be added to the group, please send me a private message.  Just a reminder-- this is a private group which means only members can see who's in the group and what they post. Out of respect for the other players and their families, please do not share information posted on this group publicly. While some people have signed up for Facebook to support their kids' extracurriculars, for a number of reasons, many are not comfortable with information relating to their child being shared publicly.


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