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20-21 Under-18 AAA Robin's Mid-Isle Matrix - Team News Archives

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Mid-Isle Matrix Players!
Team News Over 5 Days Old
November 6, 2020
Week of November 1st

Below is a look at the week ahead….

Schedule this week                        

Thursday, Nov 5th            7:30pm                 PRACTICE             @Crapaud

Friday, Nov 6th                   7:40pm                 GAME                   vs Pownal            @APM  (Gate:  Taylor // 50/50: LaPorte // Rink Monitor: Cobb)

Saturday, Nov 7th            7:30pm                 Game                    vs Western         @Alberton


  • Thursday night - Crapaud   7:30pm – 9:00pm   (this practice time is now confirmed for the season; exception when we play a game that night).  

(Please note:  Crapaud does not allow any spectators in their arena at the present time)

Saturday Night Game in Western

Please be aware that the Western team along with Hockey PEI will be doing a special tribute to Ethan Reilly and Alex Hutchinson at their season opener on Saturday, November 7th.    The Western Team have asked that on Saturday night, if our spectator team number could be limited to 30 persons (since they wish to invite more local fans from the Reilly and Hutchinson families).   Since we are usually permitted 2 guests per player, can I kindly ask parents for 9 volunteers to not attend the Saturday game ( I already have one volunteer confirmed).   Please email or text if you are willing to not attend ….once I have the 9, I will send an email. 


In recognition of the Reilly and Hutchinson families, the U18 Matrix team wishes to make a monetary donation to the families at this game that would be presented that evening.  If anyone wishes to make a monetary contribution to the Reilly/Hutchinson families, please pass along any donation you wish at the Friday night game at the APM …we will have a Donation Box at our game (we opted for a donation box in lieu of the 50/50 proceeds since the sales are limited due to our restricted numbers).  

Looking for few Volunteers

  • 50/50 & Gate Coordinator – please let me know if you can take this volunteer role on
  • Fundraising …..if someone is interested in running a team fundraiser please feel free to share it/we would be looking for a person to head any of these activities up.  We do need to make the Matrix Board aware of any fundraising activities.


We do have a music person arranged for the season ….this is a team paid position (but they do get counted in our numbers of our cohort).   

COVID Reminders for the APM

  • You may have noticed on Friday, the APM’s operational plan is slightly different than some of our other rinks we will be using
  • It is possible some of these items will change (there are certainly a few hiccups we noted on Friday …so hopefully it can go smoother in future games)
    • Due to the additional activities regarding tracking our persons in the building/monitoring traffic…it is suggested to have an additional person assigned along with the Team COVID Coordinator to do these tasks.  So we will add a rotational role of a Rink Monitor to each home game as well.     
    • The players are permitted only 30 minutes before the game time;  at the APM, players can only enter at 7:00pm.  The on ice warm-up starts at 7:30pm at the APM with the game time starts immediately after at 7:40pm.     
    • The Home Team spectators (50 person cohort) will be able to enter the APM at 7:30pm, sign in on the contact sheet and then go to the HOME Tea
October 24, 2020
New This Week

Schedule this week
Monday, Oct 26th  7:40pm    GAME   vs Eastern Express  @Pownal
Thursday, Oct 29th  7:40pm    PRACTICE     @Crapaud
Friday, Oct 30th   7:40pm  GAME   vs Attack   @APM

• Thursday night - Crapaud   7:40pm – 9:10pm   (this time may change slightly for the rest of the season)
Game Schedule to Calendar
• In order to download the Midget game schedule to your calendar ….click on this link.

October 15, 2020
Exhibition Games

Some reminders about the upcoming exhibiton games. 

Exhibition Games are:

  • Friday, October 16th at 7:30pm at APM Centre - players are to arrive no more than 30 minutes before ice time. 
  • Saturday, October 17th at 3:10pm at CARI - players are to arrive no more than 15 minutes before ice time. 
At this time, we just wanted to advise that there are still no parents allowed to attend games at APM centre or CARI.  Guidelines on spectators are set by each rink through discussions with Hockey PEI. 

We understand that as parents, not being able to be in the rink is frustrating. We thank you again for your patience and trust. We hope to see you all in the rink soon!
October 9, 2020
TryOut Update

First of all we would like to thank all players for a great tryout process. We have seen some major improvement as the process went on, so these decisions were hard and required a lot of conversations between coaches and evaluators. We wish everyone the best this season!

The coaches ask the following players to please attend the next ice time at APM centre on Sunday, October 11th at 6:10 pm.  We ask all players, even if on injured list, to attend Sunday evening to hear the final tryout process and expectations. Anyone who can’t attend Sunday's ice time is ask to contact the coach directly. 

  • Jayden Murphy 
  • Spencer Toole
  • Grayson Laporte
  • Cash Main-Elsinga 
  • Jordan Mahar 
  • Christopher MacDougall 
  • Reese Wyand 
  • Myles Grant 
  • Nolan Cobb
  • Will Mix 
  • Kale Hunter 
  • Noah Visser 
  • Jakob MacEwen 
  • Kyle Mason 
  • Jacob Doucette 
  • Zack Langdale 
  • Gage Taylor 
  • Mathew Mills 
  • Ty Arsenault 
  • Carson MacDougall 
  • Kaleb MacCormac 
  • Braiden Tremere 
  • Gabe Taweel 

Injured List

  • Ryder Howatt
  • William Lowther 
  • Angus Beaton


Please note the schedule for next week:

  • Sunday, October 11th at 6:10pm - 7:40pm APM centre - practice 
  • Tuesday, October 13th at 8:30pm -9:50pm APM centre - practice 
  • Friday October 16th at 7:30pm GAME vs Charlottetown APM centre
  • Saturday October 17th at 3:10pm GAME vs Charlottetown CARI complex 

Hockey PEI has announced they are moving into Phase 4 as of October 13th. And with that we are able to have exhibition games. But even with this announcement, the rink procedures remain the same at APM Centre. We understand that as parents, not being able to be in the rink is frustrating. We thank you again for your patience and trust. And we hope to see you folks in here soon!

September 27, 2020
Midget (u18) first cuts

Thanks to all who came out and competed hard this afternoon. Below is the list of players we ask to attend Weds Sept 30th 9:10PM APM for our first intersquad game.

Players are asked to be at the rink 30 minutes prior to ice time to receive jerseys.

No specific order or placement list is as follows

The next phase of tryouts cost is $60.00 and will cover 3 ice times.

Please make payment prior to Weds night ice time via E Transfer to and include your child name in the "memo section".



  • Sept 30th 9:10-10:40PM APM Centre Intersquad game
  • October 4th 6:50-8:20PM APM Centre Intersquad game
  • October 8th 9:10-10:40PM APM Centre Intersquad game/ Exhibition game if permitted.

If unable to attend a ice time please let coordinator or coach know.

  • Spencer Toole
  • Evan Andrews
  • Jayden Murphy
  • Cash Main-Elsinga
  • Noah Visser
  • Gage Taylor
  • Will Mix
  • Jordan Mahar
  • Darisson Cole
  • Zac Toner
  • Blake Crozier
  • Braiden Campbell
  • Angus Beaton
  • Carson Macdougall
  • Jakob Macewen
  • Grayson Laporte
  • Liam Wood
  • Chris Macdougall
  • Jacob Doucette
  • Reid Mackay
  • Gabe Taweel
  • Malcolm Macdonald (Defence)
  • Braeden Tremere
  • Reese Wyand
  • Kale Hunter
  • Mathew Mills
  • Nolan Cobb
  • Myles Grant
  • Zack Langdale
  • Ty Arsenault
  • Kyle Mason
  • Kaleb Maccormac
  • Jay Macdonald

Injured list *** (will be individually contacted to determine next ice time)

  • Ryder Howatt
  • William Lowther
September 23, 2020
Major Tryouts

Any player attending major tryouts are not required to attend Matrix ice time’s up until October 4th.  Goalies are asked to attend Friday night, Sept 25th, goalie evaluation only.  

If a player / goalie wishes to attend both major tryouts and matrix try outs when schedules don’t conflict they are welcome to do so, but not required up until October 4th- please let cordinator know if the player doesn’t plan to attend our ice times so we can have appropriate numbers 

September 22, 2020
Midget Players for the upcoming first round of tryouts

The following is the breakdown of the Midget Players for the upcoming first round of tryouts.  Also wanted to share a few items to remember for tryouts: 

 - Please make sure $60 tryout fee is made prior to tryouts, etransfers can be sent to and password is matrix.

 - Players are to arrive 30 minutes before try out times for a players meeting with the coaching staff.  

 - Players will need to wear mask when arriving at the rink and will be asked to keep it on until going on ice. 

 - Player dressing room assignments have been made ahead of time due to Covid Requirements at the rink, please respect those assignments. 

 - No one other than the players are allowed to enter the rink during the tryout times as this is to follow Covid Requirements at the rink.  

 - If any player is attending major tryouts please let the midget coordinator know so we can have correct numbers of each ice time (contact is 

    - Please note that cuts will be made after the third ice time (September 27th) and posted to the website. 

Group One (19 in total)


Zac Toner  

Blake Crozier

Tyler Rogers

Ty Arsenault


Zack Langdale `

Christopher MacDougall   

Matthew Mills 

Jordan Mahar

Darrison Cole 

Malcolm MacDonald (forward)

Nolan Cobb

Kaleb MacCormac

Liam Wood 

Myles Grant 

Mason Ward 

Jacob Doucette

Wil Mix

Braiden Campbell 

Grayson LaPorte


First Round of Ice times for Group One (all at APM)

Sep 24 - Conditioning Session (no player evaluation) at 6:10 PM 

Sep 25 - Goalie Evaluation at 7:30 - 9:00 PM 

Sep 26 - Conditioning session (no player evaluation) at 6:40 PM 

Sep 27 - Intersquad Game/ skill session (If Permitted) at 1:00 PM 


Group Two (19 in total) 


Noah Visser

Kale Hunter 

Jakob MacDonald 

Joseph Cluney


Gabe Taweel

Malcolm MacDonald (defence)

Cash Main-Elsinga

Braeden Tremere

Gage Taylor

Ryder Howatt

Spencer Toole

Evan Andrews

Angus Beaton

Ryan O'Connor

Reese Wyand

Jayden Murphy

Caraon MacDougall

Jakob MacEwen

Reid MacKay

Kyle Mason


First Round of Ice Times for Group Two (all at APM)

Sep 24 - Conditioning Session (no player evaluation)  at 7:20 PM 

Sep 25 - Goalie Evaluation 7:30 - 9:00 PM at APM

Sep 26 - Conditioning session (no player evaluation) 7:50 PM 

Sep 27 - Intersquad Game/ skill session (If Permitted) at 2:10 PM
September 21, 2020
2020 - 2021 Tryout Schedule

Mid-Isle Matrix U18 AAA Tryout Format 

All players are guaranteed 3 ice times. Please arrive 30 minutes early to the first ice time for player orientation. For subsequent ice times please arrive between 15 and 30 minutes early.

  • Sep 24 - Conditioning Session (no player evaluation)  at 6:10 PM or 7:20 PM 
  • Sep 25 - Goalie Evaluation 7:30 - 9:00 PM at APM
  • Sep 26 - Conditioning session (no player evaluation) 6:40 PM or 7:50 PM 
  • Sep 27 - Intersquad Game/ skill session  (If Permitted) at 1:00 PM 

First Round of Cuts

  • Sep 28 - Intersquad Game at 8:00 PM
  • Oct 2 - Intersquad Game at 7:30 PM
  • Oct 4 - Intersquad / exhibition Game (if permitted ) at 6:50 PM 

Second Round of Cuts

*intersquad game  only if permitted - otherwise modified game / skill practice