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October 28, 2020
Male U18 A Teams

Our Male U18 A coaches met tonight to divide the players onto teams.  We had many requests filed and did our best to honour as many requests as possible while also attempting to keep the teams balanced.  Thank you to all 4 coaches for stepping up to work with our players!  


Here are the Male U18 A teams for this year:


Team 1 

Head Coach Tim Waite

Practice Sunday 6:50 in Crapaud

Games Tuesday 8:30 at APM


Alex Stead

Andrew Toner

Andon Waite

Cory Goley

Dylan Murphy

Gaven MacDougall

Justin Knox

Kody Trainor 

Lucas MacDougall

Malcolm Boulter

Patrick O’Hanley

Reese Campbell

Simon Taweel

Taylor Campbell

Tyler Smith

Zac Toner


Team 2

Head Coach Lowell Stevenson

Practice Wednesday 8:10 in Crapaud

Games Saturday 6:30 at APM


Andrew LeBlanc

Andrew Wilson

Caden Dawson

Connor DeRoche

Connor Hogan

Emmerson Taylor

Evan Trainor

Gordon Butler

Jack Quigley

Jackson Lea

John Ross MacQuarrie

Liam Stevenson

Ryan O’Connor

Sam LeClair

Sam MacKinnon (Lynette)

Thomas Gillis


Team 3

Head Coach Jamie MacKinnon

Practice Sunday 6:50 in Crapaud

Games Thursday 6:20 at APM


Aiden Ross

Ben Coles

Ben Jenkins

Bri Toombs

Carter Crabbe

Christian Desreux

Christian Irwin

Colby Parsons

Evan MacFadyen

Evan Stewart

James Doucette

Liam MacDonald

Lucas MacDonald

McHarry Spence

Sam MacKinnon (Nikki)

Taytum Vogan

Team 4

Head Coach Jared Stretch

Practice Wednesday 8:10 in Crapaud

Games Sunday 8:50 pm at APM


Alex Brown

Billy O’Regan 

Brett Clow

Caleb Wright

Cameron Burke

Colby Adams

Cole Frizzell

Jarrod MacLeod

Jonathan Havenga

Malcolm Campbell

Mason Ward

Matthew Carpenter

Nathan Gallant

Nolan Murray

Simon Stretch

Zach Demmings


October 28, 2020
First Male U18 A Team Times

First Team Ice Times

Sunday, November 1  8:50 pm  Exhibition game Team 2 vs. Team 4 at APM

Sunday, November 1  6:50 pm   Practice Team 1 and Team 3 in Crapaud

Tuesday, November 3  8:40 pm  Exhibition game Team 3 vs. Team 1 at APM

Wednesday, November 4  8:10 pm  Practice Team 2 and Team 4 in Crapaud

Here’s to wishing everyone a great season of hockey!Laughing

October 25, 2020
Reminder U18 Male A Ice Sessions

Unless you have heard directly from me to approve a time change, here's the plan:

Last Name A-L: 

Sunday, October 25th  8:50pm  APM


Last Name M-Z

Tuesday, October 29th  8:30pm  APM


I will be recollecting the jerseys at the end of each session.  If someone was there on Saturday, but not for the next ice session, could you please get in touch with me to arrange a meeting time so that I can get it back?  I need to wash them and get them ready to hand out to the coaches?  (

People have been great about the masks.  Please remember to have them for every ice session!

Any parents who would like to watch, please come 2-3 minutes after the ice time starts.  We cannot come later than that because the people who are contact tracing will not be there and we also need to avoid crossing cohorts.  

October 25, 2020
U18 Female A Ice Times

Sincere apologies for the changes.  The U18 girls will now have their own ice times and will not be sharing any of this week's sessions with the U15.  As a result, both of these ice times are in Crapaud.  

Monday, October 26th, 7:00-8:00pm in Crapaud

Thursday, October 29th, 6:30-7:30pm in Crapaud

Please check your email message from Caley (sent Saturday morning) with the protocol for the rink in Crapaud.  

October 23, 2020
Summary of CoVid Rules

I don't know about you guys, but I am excited to finally be getting my boys back on the ice.  While we don't know what this season will bring, we do know that we are considered very lucky by others in Canada who are not getting to play right now.  Keeping that in mind, I want to outline the basics of our CoVid plan.  We will need everyone's support to make this work.  
1)  HockeyPEI is mandating that all players and spectators wear masks in the facilities.  The players can remove their masks when they put on their helmets to go on the ice, but must put them back on when they get back to the dressing rooms.  If a person does not wear a mask, they will not be granted access to the rink.  
2)  Players need to arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before the ice time and no later than 15 minutes before the ice time.  Because we have different cohorts moving around the building, we really need to stick to this time limit.
3)  Players and spectators exit through the fire exit doors of the designated section.  
4)  Players need to stay in their dressing rooms until the next group is on the ice...about 15 minutes.  (Even if they are one of those players who get the gear off super quick!) 
5)  Players need to stand behind the tape on the floor in the dressing room hallways while waiting to go on the ice.  
6)  Spectators will be able to enter the rink as soon as the players go on the ice.  The home section in the stands is at the far end of the rink.  We are allowed to have 50 spectators in the home section and 50 in the away.  Spectators come in through the lobby and straight down to the far end of the rink for home games where there will be a table for contact tracing.  Once names have been taken, spectators move up into the stands and stay there until the end of the ice time.  Spectators exit as soon as the players are off the ice and in dressing rooms.  If they are in the Home section, they exit through the doors between dressing rooms 3 and 4.  Those in the away section exit through the doors between dressing rooms 1 and 2.  This needs to be done as soon as players are off the ice to avoid crossing of cohorts.  
7)  If a spectator leaves the rink, reentry is not permitted.  
8)  Parents may only enter the rink during the first 4 minutes of the ice time.  (No one wants to stand for the whole time to do contact tracing!)  
9)  The area along the glass is considered a "no stopping" zone as so many people need to pass through that shared space. 
I know that is a lot to digest.  Volunteers will be there to help explain the rules.  (They are volunteers...please be super polite!)  Thank you for your support as we work to make this a great year for the players.  
Questions?  Ask away!  

October 21, 2020
Female U15/U18 Ice Times

The U15/U18 girls will have two ice times next week.  After these sessions, the coaches will meet and divide the players onto their teams.  The teams will be posted shortly after those ice times.

Monday, October 26th 7:30-8:30 pm @APM

Thursday, October 29th  6:30-7:20 pm in Crapaud ***Note this change from the first post.



Please note:

Please take a few moments to read the posted CoVid operational plans before coming to the rink.

All players and spectators need to wear masks in the rink.  Players may remove their masks when they put their helmets on.  Masks have to be put back on when players come off the ice.  

Players are to arrive 15-30 minutes before the ice time begins.  Please do not arrive outside of that time frame.  

Players are to remain in the dressing rooms as a group until the next group is on the ice.  

Parents will be admitted to the rink 3 minutes after the skaters are on the ice to avoid people from different groups crossing paths.  Parents are to go to the section where they are directed and sign in for contact tracing.  (If you want to watch, you need to come right at the beginning and have to sit in the stands.  No one is allowed to watch the game at ice level unless you have special permission.)  After the ice time, players and spectators will exit through the doors by the dressing rooms.  

Please be patient as we work through these new changes.  It will be bumpy as we figure this out, but I know that if we work together, we will be able to make this work so that our kids can enjoy playing hockey (and we can watch them doing that)!  Smile

October 20, 2020
A Boys Ice Times

Here are the upcoming ice times for the first week of Boys A hockey.

Group 1 (Last names starting with A-L)

Saturday, October 24th  5:20pm  @APM

Sunday, October 25th  8:50pm  @APM


Group 2 (Last names starting with M-Z)

Saturday, October 24th  6:30pm   @APM

Tuesday, October 27th  8:30pm   @APM


Important:  If your player needs to switch groups, please contact me at right away.  We need to balance numbers for CoVid purposes and we need to have contact tracing info for each time.  

CoVid Regulations:

-Please screen your players for symptoms.  If anyone is not feeling well, they are asked to stay home.

-Masks are to be worn in the rink until helmets go on.  They are to be put on again when leaving the facility.

-Players arrive 15-30 minutes before ice times.  Please do not arrive any earlier or later.  We need to keep all the groups separated with staggered entry and exit times.  

-Stay in the dressing room until the group after you is on the ice.  

-Leave the building after your ice time.  No hanging around the rink to watch others or waiting in the lobby.  


If you have questions, just send an email.  

We thank you for your patience as we figure our way into this new season!  

October 18, 2020
First A Boys Ice Times

The first ice times for "A" boys will take place on Saturday, October 24th at 5:20 for group 1 and 6:30 for group 2.  We'll post the group divisions once we have a handle on numbers so that we can keep the number of players in each group fairly even.  

October 18, 2020
Sunday's Tryout Times

Sunday, October 18th

Group 1: 7:10pm

Group 2: 8:20pm

Please do not arrive more than 30 minutes before your session. 

$10 per person. 

Masks on until helmet goes on. 

Max of 11 per dressing room.

Good luck to everyone trying out!Smile

October 18, 2020
U18 Boys Conditioning and Tryout Groups

Hi folks,

Here are the groups for the tryout sessions for the boys.  Please note that players will not be permitted to switch groupings or assigned dressing rooms nor can they stay on the ice for multiple sessions.  Players will need to exit the rink as a group without hanging around the rink.  Also, they will be required to wear masks when entering and exiting the rink and in the dressing rooms.  Thanks!

$10 per session.  Please have correct change.

After tonight's tryouts, the players who are selected to move forward will be combined into one group for the est of the sessions.

See you tonight!

Group 1

Andon Waite

Andrew LeBlanc

Blake Crozier

Braidan Campbell

Caden Dawson

Christian Irwin

Cody Cudmore

Connor Hogan

Gordon Butler

Jackson Lea

Jay MacDonald

Jonathan Havenga

Justin Knox

Malcolm Boulter

Malcolm Campbell

Malcolm MacDonald (forward)

Malcolm MacDonald (defence)

Matthew Carpenter

Nathan Gallant

Parker MacDougall

Ryan MacDonald

Sam LeClair

Colby Adams

Cash Main-Elsinga

Cameron Burke

James Doucette


Group 2

Bradley Chisolm

Bryce Wheatley

Caleb Wright

Calen MacPhail

Carter Crabbe

Dylan Murphy

Evan MacFadyen

Emmerson Taylor

Jack Nordquist

Jakob MacEwen

Jarrod MacLeod

Kody Trainor

Liam Stevenson

Liam Wood

Lucas MacDonald

Mason Ward

McHarry Spence

Ryan McLaughlin

Ryan O’Connor

Simon Stretch

Thomas Gillis

Zac Toner

Corey Goaley

Kaleb MacCormac

October 16, 2020
Female U15/U18 Conditioning

The two U15/U18 conditioning sessions are Saturday, October 17th at 7:40 and Tuesday, October 20th at 8:30.  If you did not fill out the Google Form to sign up, please email Nadine DeRoche ASAP at to be added to the list. You need to give the player's name and phone number for contact tracing purposes.

Each session is $10 and masks need to be worn in the rink until helmets are on to go on the ice.  Parents are not permitted to attend the sessions.  

October 16, 2020
U18 AA Boys Tryouts

The first tryout sessions for the AA Boys team will be held on Sunday, October 18th.  If your player wishes to try out and has not registered (Google form filled out before October 8th), please email Nadine DeRoche at to ensure that you are placed into one of the ice times.  We need to balance the groups and keep records of attendance for contact tracing.  Thanks!

October 12, 2020
Current APM CoVid 19 Rules

All players need to follow the following rules in order to be able to attend conditioning and tryouts at the APM.  Thanks for your cooperation!

1)  Masks are to be worn when entering and leaving the rink and in the dressing rooms.  They can be removed when making your way to the ice.

2) Sign in and pay for ice time in the lobby on arrival.  Please have exact cash. ($10)

3)  Use the dressing room that is assigned to you.  

4)  Arrival is 15-30 minutes prior to ice time.  Go directly to assigned dressing room and stay there until you are going on the ice.

5)  After ice time, stay in dressing room until next group is on the ice.  (About 15 minutes)  All players should be gone within 30 minutes.  No hanging around to watch other ice times.  

6)  Switching of groups is not permitted.

7)  No spectators during conditioning or tryouts.  


Hockey PEI's Return to Play Protocols:

October 12, 2020
U18 Boys Conditioning and Tryouts Times

Here are the current ice times for conditioning and tryouts.  After the first tryout night, cuts will be made and there will be just one group.  All sessions are in the evening.  

Monday, October 12th (Conditioning)

6:20-7:20   Group 1 

7:30-8:30   Group 2

Thursday, October 15th  (Conditioning)

7:30-8:30   Group 1

8:40-9:40   Group 2

Sunday, October 18th (Tryouts and cuts)

7:10-8:10   Group 1

8:20-9:20   Group 2

Monday, October 19th (Tryouts)

8:00-9:10   One single group

Wednesday, October 21st (Tryouts)


Thursday, October 22nd (Tryouts)


October 7, 2020
Female U18 Conditioning

Below you will find the link to sign up for conditioning sessions.

The schedule for each group division can be found on the NRMHA website calendar.

The group max will be 30 skaters.

****Please note that players will need to be dropped off at the APM Centre and adhere to their Covid-19 Rules.  A listing will be emailed before conditioning sessions begin.

Each Ice Session is $10, and we ask the player to arrive with exact cash.  
Division coordinators or NRMHA Member will be collecting at each session- etransfers will not be accepted.

Deadline to sign up is October 15th at 8pm.

October 6, 2020
Conditioning And Tryouts
**Each participant will receive the Covid 19- APM Rules before conditioning begins.
**Schedules have been posted on the online calendar.
We have advised that there's a strict deadline to the submissions- as I have to prepare full participants listing and contact information listing for the APM and Hockey PEI.  Deadline will be October 8th at 8PM- no exceptions
NRMHA Conditioning and Tryouts sign up

We welcome all participants to come out for Conditioning and/or Tryouts over the next few weeks.  All participants must be registered with NRMHA and submit the required sign up.

Format to Conditioning and Tryouts will be-
2 Conditioning Sessions
up to 4 Tryouts
Cost is $10 per session

Deadline for submissions for Conditioning and Tryouts is - October 8th at 8PM.  We will be sticking to this deadline as we're required to provide weekly sign in listings to the APM Facility listing and Hockey PEI for Covid- 19 regulations.

Player's will be divided into groups and will be notified on October 9th, 2020.

Full APM Covid-19 Rules will also be communicated to all participants and must be followed.


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