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20-21 Under-13 AAA Pineau's Fuels Mid-Isle Matrix - Team News Archives

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Mid-Isle Matrix Players!
Team News Over 5 Days Old
November 22, 2020
Spectator Numbers

Hi everyone,

Please send your spectator numbers (2 people/player + requests) to me at for our two games this week.

- Tuesday at 7:30pm in Kensington

-Thursday at 7:45pm in Tignish

Please clearly indicate which DAY is for each set of information.



November 20, 2020
Practice today in Crapaud

Just a reminder of our practice TODAY in Crapaud from 5pm-6pm

Here are the COVID-19 rules from the Arena in Crapaud:

Entrance Group to arrive 30 minutes prior and must be in the dressing room 15 minutes before ice time prior to group coming off the ice.   Exit Stay in room to change for 15 minutes and then exit when next group is on the ice. They must then exit the building. It is the responsibility of the coaches to see that this is enforced and the players don’t leave before this time.  All rooms will be cleaned and sanitized prior to next user.  

 No showers will be available. 

Arena users will use the washroom in the Arena public washroom or in the dressing room both which have a hand washing sink.


Arena Contact Tracing:  It is the responsibility of the teams to have contact tracing information before their scheduled times and submit a copy to Arena office.  Any changes MUST be emailed to the arena.

User must bring personal sports equipment to be used in the arena. The user should clean the equipment following use in the building. Any borrowed equipment will be cleaned and disinfected by user group following use.



Benches will be cleaned by the group leaving and coming to the ice. Arena staff will clean at the end of each day. 


Arena Spectators: 1 group of 50 (Arena Seating) will have markings where they are to sit to allow for 6ft distancing.  All spectators will be required to wear a non-medical mask.  Arena spectators will use public washroom maximum 3 per washroom.  Spectators will enter arena through main entrance and exit arena through separated exit door that has 6 ft distance.  The spectators will be directed to their seats by a team rep.  Spectators tracing will be done by the user group at the time of entrance.  Benches and arena seats will be cleaned by the group using the arena.  Spectators will be allowed into arena after the previous ice user has exited the building.  Then they will be allowed to enter and directed to their seats. Once the game is over spectators must exit the arena.

November 14, 2020
Calendar updated

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder to check the Team Calendar regularly as there are additions on a weekly basis.

For instance, on Wednesday we have our first session at Synergy Fitness and Nutrition in Charlottetown from 7:30-8:30pm.

There have also been 6 additional practices added in the past couple of days.

Thanks and see you in Summerside tomorrow!


November 2, 2020
Game Tuesday

Game Tuesday at 7:30pm in Kensington

**Masks are mandatory for everyone to enter and exit the rink**

- Players can arrive 30 mins before game time.

- Players must leave rink within 15 mins after game ends.

- Each player is allowed 2 family members to watch the game 
and can enter rink at game time.

Please note: 

HOME team family members will enter as a group 1st & sit in the far end of rink in the Bleachers

AWAY team family members will enter as a group 2nd & sit in the near end of the rink in Bleachers 
*There is to be no standing along the glass.


- When game ends, all team family members exit rink immediately through separate doors.   
The AWAY team will exit through the main doors and
HOME team will exit through the side doors after the players from the ice have entered their dressing rooms.


Reminder to let me know if you are not using both your family member

spots so we can re-allocate them to others who would like to come.   

October 29, 2020
Team Calendar

Hi everyone,

The Team Calendar is now updated on the Calendar tab above.   You would have received an email when I added your emails to the Google Calendar app.   If you have the Google Calendar app, you can now view it on your phone/tablet, etc.  If you are having trouble viewing it, look under settings and it is listed as U13 Matrix.  Just ensure the box beside that is checked.   If you don't have the app, you can download it, or just use the Calendar Tab above.

Note:  Some of our practices are in RUSTICO on Saturday mornings at 7:30am.

Also, keep in mind that there are three rinks that we will go to this season that have Credit Union in their name (Kensington, Summerside, and Tignish).  Please make sure you are going to the correct rink for each practice or game :).   If you click on each item in the Calendar, it will list the exact location for each event.


October 29, 2020
Operational Plan for Sunday's Game in Georgetwon

Game Sunday at 1:50pm in Georgetown

**Masks are mandatory for everyone**

- Players can arrive 30 mins before game time.

- Players must leave rink within 15 mins after game ends.

- Each player is allowed 3 family members to watch the game 
and can enter rink at game time.

Please note: 

Only HOME team family members sit in the rink in the Bleachers

AWAY team family members go "Upstairs".

This area is an open room that has windows that run the full length of the room and overlook the ice surface.  I'm not sure if it is heated or not.   There are a limited number of chairs available to sit on and then the remaining people would stand behind those sitting.   I'm not sure how well 50 people would be able to see the ice surface, but that is the number that they are approved for. 


- When game ends, all team family members exit rink immediately through separate doors. 


So, starting this week, and continuing for all AWAY games:

I will need a list of which family members are attending for each player (and their contact number) BEFORE the games. 

For Sunday's game, i need this information by Saturday at noon so I have time to send it to the HOME team's covid-19 Liaison. This will speed up the check-in time at the rink on Sunday    



October 25, 2020
Schedule: October 26th-November 1st

Hi everyone,

We’ve just been told the regular season for the U13 AAA division does NOT start until November 1st.

Therefore we will PRACTICE on Tuesday, October 27th this week. 7:20-8:50 in Kensington.

I asked the League Coordinator when our first game is (they won’t release the schedule until all rosters are in the Hockey Canada registry - ours is in) and I’ve been told we have Games on Nov.1st and November 3rd.   My guess is away on Sunday afternoon and home on Tuesday (7:20-8:50 in Kensington).

I will keep you all posted as soon as I get the schedule. Thanks!

October 22, 2020
Regular Season Schedule

Hi everyone,

We are just waiting on Hockey PEI to release the regular season schedule.    We have been told the regular season will start next week, likely with a home game for us on Tuesday evening (7:30-9:00pm).


Stay posted!



October 20, 2020
Ice times this week!

Tuesday, October 20th from 7:30-9:00pm  

Sunday, October 25th from 4:45-6:15pm  

October 16, 2020
Next ice times & other details...

Congratulations to those successful in making the team! 

Looking forward to a great season of Mid-Isle Matrix Hockey!

Next ice times: Sun. Oct 18th from 5:30-6:30pm & Tues. Oct 20th from 7:30-9:00pm.

All home ice times will be in Kensington (Credit Union Centre) unless otherwise noted.

A coaches/parents meeting will be held soon to discuss more on the season. We will keep you all posted on when that will take place.

October 14, 2020
Great News!
Hi everyone! I have some great news! Kensington Rink has been approved for 100 fans in their stands!!! So 2 family members per player will be allowed in tomorrow night for our game. Masks must be worn and we must sit in a team “cohort” and not mix with the other teams parents as they will have their own cohort. Sanitizing will happen as you enter the rink. The name, and phone number of these two people per player will be taken as they enter the rink and checked off by your players name. Entrance for fans will only happen 5 minutes before game time. Fans must leave immediately following the end of the game and no hanging around inside the entryway (outside in the parking lot is fine) To make it easier on our person at the door collecting the information please come up to them 10-15 minutes before game time and give them your 2 members information and then we will just need to “check” as you enter. We will delegate a person each he game to do the contact tracing. See you tomorrow! Cheryl
October 13, 2020
Hi everyone, We are going to try to get permission to have a person in the Kensington Rink on Thursday evening so they can video (through Facebook Live) our game vs. Central. I will keep everyone posted if it works out. Reminder of the Rules for Thursday for kids are same as tryouts (arrive 30 mins before, leave within 15 minutes after). Masks on until helmets on and no parents/fans in the rink (yet....hopefully soon!) PS. I’m still missing Ian Schurman’s family email address if anyone has it please send them this message so they are aware :). I think I have everyone else’s..... Thanks Cheryl Crozier
October 8, 2020
Exhibition Game(s) Details - UPDATES!
We will be having two exhibition games vs. Central Attack next week as part of our final tryout process. The Final Team Roster for the season will be selected following Thursday’s game. Game times are as follows: Tuesday, October 13th from 5:45-6:45pm at CARI and Thursday, October 15th from 6:15-7:15pm in Kensington. See you at practice on Sunday! FOR GAME AT CARI ON TUESDAY: Please note: players can only arrive 15 minutes before game time (goalies can arrive 20 mins before and can put skates/pads/upper gear on in the rink). Players must leave rink no more than 15 minutes after game time. All players must be fully dressed minus skates/helmets. All players must wear masks into rink and leave them on until putting helmet on. All coaches must wear masks at all times, including on the benches. Reminder there is NO PARENTS/FANS/SPECTATORS permitted in either CARI for games OR Kensington (games or practices) at this time.
October 7, 2020
Upcoming Schedule

On October 5, 2020, the Hockey PEI Board of Directors officially approved the move to a Modified Phase 4 of the Return to Hockey Plan, effective October 13, 2020. For utmost clarity: until October 13, no games, exhibition or otherwise, are to be played by Hockey PEI members.

As noted, we are not able to hold exhibition games until that date, so the next set of ice times will be practice/intersquad only and all remaining players are to attend these ice times.

The next set of ice times are:

  • Thursday, October 8th from 5 - 6pm in Kensington
  • Sunday, October 11th from 12:15 - 2pm in Kensington

Coaches are working to schedule an exhibition game for Thursday, Oct 15th at 6:15pm in Kensington. After this exhibition game, the final cuts will be made and the team will be finalized. More details to come on the exhibition game.

October 4, 2020
Second Cuts

We would like to thank all the players that tried out for the U13 Matrix team, the following is the list of players who have made the second cut for the U13 Matrix team. 

Please note that there will still be one more forward and one more defenceman to be cut. Coaches will be looking to hold an exhibition game before finalizing the team. 

The next ice time will be posted shortly. 

  • Derek Andrews
  • Gabe Wolfe
  • Liam Arsenault
  • Brayden Paynter
  • Cruz Howatt
  • Dylan MacLean
  • Jake Kelly
  • Jack MacDonald
  • Ian Schurman
  • Drew Watts

  • Hunter Crozier
  • Cameron Hunter
  • Cam McKenna
  • Rylan MacPhail
  • Dylan Drummond
  • Ben Phillips 
  • Nathan Martin

  • Jack Clow
  • Sam Morash
September 25, 2020
2020 - 2021 Tryout Schedule

Time and Date



Sept 24 – 5:00-7:15pm


Cost $60 for three ice times

Sept 25 -  5:00-7:15pm



Sept 26  – 2:45-5:00pm


First Cut

Sept 27 – 3:00-5:15 pm


-Cost $60 for three ice times

-Parents Meeting with League   Coordinator


Oct 2 – 5:00-7:15pm



Oct 4–   3:00-5:15pm


Second Cut



PeeWee Jamboree


Goalie Evaluation

Time and Date



Oct 4 -  8:15am-9:45am