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November 9, 2020
Welcome to U9-Team 1

 MASKS ARE MANDATORY FOR ALL PEI HOCKEY events (so masks for Away games as well).  The APM’s rules are “masks are strongly recommended”, so the staff and gym visitors may not have masks on but as participants in a Hockey PEI event, it is mandatory.

Below is the newest ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE process for the APM Centre: 


Players must arrive no more than 30 minutes before the game, no later than 15 minutes before the game. If a player arrives with less than 15 minutes to game time they will not be allowed in at that time. They will have to wait until after all spectators have entered and a safe route can be made to their dressing room. This could be 10 minutes into the game. Players cannot enter with Spectators.

Players and all “on ice staff” must go into the dressing rooms and are not permitted to exit until they are buzzed on to the ice for warm-up. 

Once the doors to the ice service are closed, an “OPEN” sign will be turned on in the window of the APM lobby.  If the OPEN sign is solid and not flashing, then the HOME team spectators are allowed to enter through the lobby, directly to the HOME Team Contract Tracing Table which is located by the hallway by dressing rooms 3 and 4.  There’s 4 minutes allotted to the HOME team Spectators getting in and to that table.

Once the HOME team spectators are at their table, the “OPEN” sign will be switched to blinking "OPEN”.  AWAY team spectators will then enter and proceed into the rink to their Contract Tracing Table which is just in side the door.  They have 7 minutes to get in the door, checked in and seated. (At this point, late players may be permitted to enter)

AWAY Team spectators sit in Sections 1, 2, 3. HOME Team spectators sit in Sections 4, 5, 6.  Nobody is allowed to stand along the glass except for the on-ice staff, ie COVID Tracers, Team Manager, Trainer, etc, in the “Volunteer” section by the officials room

15 minutes after the stated ice time start, the doors to the arena will be locked and will not open to allow for late arrivals.


If a player is ejected or injured and comes of the ice, the Team Trainer will attend to them, parents shouldn’t, but depending on how serious it is, I’m not stopping you….. If the player is not going back out on the ice, they have two choices: stay in the dressing room until the game is over and the Departure Process starts for players, or leave immediately from the rink and DO NOT go into the stands.

Use the washrooms in the arena.  The door is locked so if you go out to the other washrooms you may not be able to get back in.

No yelling, spitting, moving around the sections, keep 6 feet apart, always wear a mask. 


Players will exit the ice to the dressing rooms.  Once the coaches are off the ice and in the dressing rooms with the other On Ice Staff (who were standing in the Volunteer Section). The Spectators will be given a signal from the COVID Volunteers to start exiting .  AWAY Spectators exit between dressing Room 1 and 2, HOME Spectators exit between dressing Room 3 and 4. 

Once all spectators are out, then players will be given a signal to start exiting, they will use the exit by their dressing room.

Spectators are asked to wipe down their seats prior to sitting and prior to departing. 


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