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The Fundscrip program continues to operate for the benefit of the membership of NRMHA. The 2016-17 season the program raised $1,090 for NRMHA, and saw members use over $5,500 for registration this past season.

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February, 2020

NRMHA Scoreboard - Last 15

March 31 (Sunday)

  • Loss at South Shore Arena - Playoff
  • Win at South Shore Arena - Playoff
  • Loss at Jacques Cartier Arena semi-final - Playoff
    • 4 - Peewee AA Flames (Boys)
    • 7 - Charlottetown Abbies
    • Top Scorers
      3Jordan Roberts101
      11Sam Stewart101
      12Thomas MacKinnon101
      14Justin Butler101
      13Jack Platts011
      4Noah Arsenault011
      17Tyler Jenkins-Gaudet011

March 30 (Saturday)

  • Win at South Shore Arena - Playoff
  • Win at South Shore Arena - Playoff
  • Loss at Jacques Cartier Arena - Playoff
    • 3 - Peewee AA Flames (Boys)
    • 4 - Pownal 1
    • Top Scorers
      4Noah Arsenault101
      9Ben Wood101
      10Mitchell Ford101
      15Grayson Arbing011
  • Win at Jacques Cartier Arena - Playoff
    • 2 - Peewee AA Flames (Boys)
    • 1 - Sherwood
    • Top Scorers
      9Ben Wood101
      10Mitchell Ford101
      14Justin Butler011
      8Ethan Murray011
      100Jackson Coles011
      15Grayson Arbing011
  • Loss at Souris - Playoff
  • Loss at Souris - Playoff

March 29 (Friday)

  • Tie at South Shore Arena - Playoff
  • Win at Jacques Cartier Arena - Playoff
    • 7 - Peewee AA Flames (Boys)
    • 2 - Northumberland
    • Top Scorers
      9Ben Wood202
      10Mitchell Ford202
      4Noah Arsenault022
      3Jordan Roberts101
      13Jack Platts101
      15Grayson Arbing101
      16Reid MacFadyen011
  • Tie at Souris - Playoff

March 23 (Saturday)

  • Loss at OLeary - Playoff
    • 1 - Peewee A 1 Riot (Boys)
    • 4 - Evangeline
    • Top Scorers
      4Colby MacLean101
      6Meagan Vermunt011
  • Win at OLeary - Playoff
    • 5 - Peewee A 1 Riot (Boys)
    • 3 - Sherwood Team 1
    • Top Scorers
      4Colby MacLean213
      9Kyle Peters112
      12Alex Bertram101
      14Nicholas Coles101
      17Sven Vermunt011
      13Simon MacFadyen011
      8Nate MacDonald011
      2Liam Scott011
  • Loss at CUP - Playoff
    • 3 - Bantam A 2 Flames (Boys)
    • 5 - Sherwood 1
    • Top Scorers
      8Jackson Murphy112
      6Gordon Butler101
      16Emerson Taylor101
      9John Ross McQuarrie 011
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