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The Fundscrip program continues to operate for the benefit of the membership of NRMHA. The 2016-17 season the program raised $1,090 for NRMHA, and saw members use over $5,500 for registration this past season.

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February 8 - 11, 2018

NRMHA Scoreboard - Last 10

February 24 (Saturday)

  • Win at Three Rivers Sportsplex - Tournament
    • 4 - Midget A 3 Flames (Boys)
    • 3 - Southside Lynx
    • Top Scorers
      17Dylan Cameron202
      12Eric MacRae101
      14Keenan Myers101
      15Colton Bernard011
      18Caleb Boswall011
      4Sam MacKinnon011
      6Declyn Stevenson011
      7Keegan MacKinnon011
      9Cameron Newman011
      10Austin Hogan011
  • Win at Pownal Arena - Tournament
    • 4 - Midget A 3 Flames (Boys)
    • 3 - KV Senators
    • Top Scorers
      10Austin Hogan112
      11Keith MacPhee112
      17Dylan Cameron112
      5Shaun Henshall101
      12Eric MacRae011

February 23 (Friday)

  • Win at Pownal Stadium - Tournament
    • 9 - Atom A 2 Inferno (Boys)
    • 0 - Charlottetown Abbies
    • Top Scorers
      5Zachary Stretch426
      12Dylan Drummond303
      7Anderson Morgan101
      8Cameron Coffin101
      16Sawyer Robichaud-MacLeod011
      17Damian Cox011
      29Ben Grant011
  • Win at Simmons Sports Centre - Tournament
    • 6 - Atom A 2 Inferno (Boys)
    • 2 - Belfast Sabres
    • Top Scorers
      5Zachary Stretch224
      15Isaac Fraser123
      3Carson Hood033
      8Cameron Coffin202
      16Sawyer Robichaud-MacLeod112
      17Damian Cox022
      14Sven Vermunt011
  • Win at Cody Banks - Tournament
    • 2 - Midget A 3 Flames (Boys)
    • 1 - East Hants Black Penguins
    • Top Scorers
      9Cameron Newman101
      10Austin Hogan101
      11Keith MacPhee011
      5Shaun Henshall011
      7Keegan MacKinnon011

February 22 (Thursday)

  • Loss at Crapaud - Regular Season
  • Tie at Pownal Sports Centre - Tournament
    • 1 - Midget A 3 Flames (Boys)
    • 1 - Pownal Team 1
    • Top Scorers
      5Shaun Henshall101
      8Colby MacPhail011
      12Eric MacRae011

February 21 (Wednesday)

  • Win at Simmons - Regular Season
    • 1 - Central
    • Top Scorers
      69Matt Lank112
      17Connor Reardon101
      27Owen Handregan101
      7Griffin Hughes011
      9Daniel Godfrey011
      13Ethan Handregan011
  • Tie at APM Centre - Regular Season
    • 1 - Midget A 3 Flames (Boys)
    • 1 - Tignish
    • Top Scorers
      10Austin Hogan101
      6Declyn Stevenson011
      8Colby MacPhail011

February 20 (Tuesday)

  • Loss at Simmons - Regular Season

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