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If you have kids in North River Minor Hockey and don't use the Fundscrip Program, now is a good time to start raising funds for next year. If you buy $250 of groceries and gas / week, you still have time to raise $70 towards your 2017-18 Minor Hockey Registration. And it costs you nothing!

The Fundscrip program continues to operate for the benefit of the membership of NRMHA. The 2016-17 season the program raised $1,090 for NRMHA, and saw members use over $5,500 for registration this past season.

Pick-up your cards at the APM center
Picture ID is required to pick-up cards.
Only the person designated at order time is allowed to pick-up your cards.
If you have any questions about this program, please contact
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February 10 - 13, 2022

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NRMHA Scoreboard - Last 15

April 24 (Sunday)

  • Loss at Credit Union Place - Playoff
  • Win at Credit Union Place - Playoff

April 23 (Saturday)

  • Loss at Credit Union Place - Playoff
  • Win at Credit Union Place - Playoff

April 21 (Thursday)

  • Win at Credit Union Place - Playoff
    • 1 - Charlottetown 2
    • Top Scorers
      5Christian Irwin101
      2Billy O'Regan101
      6Sam Leclair011
      14Liam Scott011
      15Kyle Peters011
      16Caleb Wright011

April 18 (Monday)

  • Loss at Cavendish Farms Wellness Center - Playoff
    • 5 - Pownal 1
    • Top Scorers
      9Layle Full213
      11Kate Coade112
      3Rose Moore101
      4Isabella MacKay011
  • Win at CUP - Playoff
  • Win at CUP - Playoff

April 17 (Sunday)

  • Win at APM Centre - Regular Season
    • 2 - Kensington
    • Top Scorers
      10Mitchell Ford314
      5Christian Irwin202
      11Thomas MacKinnon112
      2Billy O'Regan112
      8Evan Stewart022
      15Kyle Peters101
      16Caleb Wright011
      12Alex Bertram011

April 16 (Saturday)

  • Win at Pownal sports centre - Playoff
    • 3 - Tignish Aces
    • Top Scorers
      7Liv Campbell213
      15Katherine Cummings022
      17Audrey Hughes101
      9Layle Full101
      11Kate Coade101
      3Rose Moore011
      10Skye Bowness011
      18Scarlet Gallagher011
  • Win at Cavendish Farms Wellness Center - Playoff
    • 2 - Pownal 1
    • Top Scorers
      7Liv Campbell303
      11Kate Coade213
      9Layle Full101
      15Katherine Cummings011
      17Audrey Hughes011
  • Win at Evangeline Rec Centre - Playoff
    • 1 - Summerside Capitals
    • Top Scorers
      12Logan Griffin112
      9Cole Irwin112
      5Chase Desroches 022
      10Dylan MacLean101
      16Calen Ellsworth101
      41Zach Stretch101
  • Loss at Evangeline Rec Centre - Playoff
  • Tie at CUP - Playoff
    • 2 - Tyne Valley
    • Top Scorers
      23Malcolm D. MacDonald101
      69Cody Cudmore101
      91Calen MacPhail011
      27Jordan Mahar011
      9Malcolm C. MacDonald011
      19Noah Wolfe011
  • Tie at CUP - Playoff

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