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March 9, 2012
Game 9 March 2012

Tonight's game time is at 5:10 pm

Go Flames !

March 7, 2012
Practice Wed night

Please note that practice time has been changed to 7:00 pm.

January 30, 2012
Hockey 30 Jan to 05 Feb

PRACTICE - Wednesday 01 Feb at 8:10 in Crapaud (full ice)

GAME - Sunday 05 Feb at 5:20 in Pownal


January 23, 2012
Hockey week of 23 Jan to 30 Jan

GAME - Tonight 23 January VS Charlottetown at Simmonds at 6:15

PRACTICE - Wednesday 25 Jan in Crapaud at 8:10

GAME - Friday 27 January VS Charlottetown at APM at 6:20

GAME - Sunday 29 Janury VS Montague at Montague at 5:40

If anyone cannot make any of these ice times let me know as soon as possible.

January 16, 2012
Hockey week of 16 Jan to 23 Jan

GAME - Monday 16 Jan (tonight) in Murray River at 8:20

PRACTICE - Wednesday 18 Jan in Crapaud at 8:10

GAME - Friday 20 January at APM vs Montague at 6:20

GAME - Monday 23 January at Simmonds vs Charlottetown at 6:15

Please let me know if anyone can't make any of these ice times.

January 10, 2012
Week of Jan 8 to Jan 15





December 28, 2011
Hockey from 28 Dec to 06 Jan

A few re-scheduled games so I will give you the updates early.

PRACTICE - Tonight at Crapaud, 8:20 pm

GAME - Friday, 30 Dec vs Sherwood, APM Centre at 6:20

GAME - Monday, 02 Jan vs Souris, APM Centre at 7:20 (make up for 23 Dec)

GAME - Wednesday, 04 Jan vs Murray River, APM Centre at 6:10

GAME - Friday, 06 Jan vs Souris, in Souris at 6:40

Anyone that knows their daughter can't make any of these ice times please inform me right away.



December 19, 2011
Hockey week Dec 19 - Dec 25

Hi Folks,

Please inform me if your daughter will not make any of these ice times.

GAME: Dec 19 Tonight in Pownal at 8:20

Practice: Dec 21 Wednesday in Crapaud at 8:10

GAME: Dec 23 Friday at APM at 6:20

December 15, 2011
Game Dec 16

We will still be playing a regular season game. We are playing Pownal on 16 Dec and Morell on 13 Jan.

December 12, 2011
Hockey week of 12 - 18 Dec

PRACTICE: 14 Dec in Crapaud at 8:15

GAME: 16 Dec at APM at 6:20 vs Morell

PRACTICE: 18 Dec in Rustico at 4:20 with Craig Jenkins (these are not optional, try to have the girls attend)

**** Please change your schedule - The game vs Pownal that was scheduled for 15 Dec has been changed to 19 December in Pownal at 8:20.

If you don't have your money into Susan for the Sussex tnmt please do so by this Wednesday's practice.

December 7, 2011
Great win last night !

The girls played another tough game and came out on top, excellent effort!

Practice tonight and game Friday 6:20 at home. Wins are a result of hard practice!

There will not be a team photo during Saturday's parents/ siblings vs the girls game, we'll do it another night when everyone is present.

Still looking for Moms to play in that game, don't yell in the stands if you can't bring it on the ice!!

Reminder to get your $50 in this week for the tournament in Sussex, the bank account has been set up. They are holding a spot for us but only until 15 December.

December 5, 2011
This week in hockey Dec 5 - Dec 10

Great win on Friday for the girls, a real confidence booster. They showed excellent discipline during a hard fought game.

Craig Jenkins on Sunday went very well, our next two dates for hockey development are :

December 18 and January 15, both are in Rustico at 4:20.

I strongly encourage the girls to attend, there is a visible difference in their skill level after doing this training.

GAME: Tomorrow night, Tuesday at CARI `A` vs Sherwood 5:15 pm

PRACTICE: Wednesday night in Crapaud at 8:10

GAME: Friday night, Dec 9 at APM 6:20 pm

November 28, 2011
This week in hockey

GAME Tonight vs Charlottetown at Simmons arena 6:15

PRACTICE Wed night, Nov 30 in Crapaud at 8:10

GAME Fri night Dec 02 at APM at 6:20

Craig Jenkins Hockey Development in Rustico Dec 04 at 4:20

Go Flames !

November 21, 2011
This week in hockey

Hi Folks,

The hockey development with Craig Jenkins yesterday in Rustico went very well. I was extremely pleased with the turnout. The girls were learning some excellent skills. Next session is December 4th, 4:20 in Rustico.


PRACTICE on Wednesday in Crapaud. I will not be able to attend so perhaps Blair could get some help from one of the other parents (Alan or Aaron?)

GAME Friday 25 NOV at 6:20 at APM vs Montague

SCHEDULE CHANGES: Take Note (Updated schedule is on Team Downloads page)

Game # 40 is now on December 15th in Pownal at 6:20

Game # 95 is now on December 6th at CARI A at 5:15



November 9, 2011

Hi Folks,

*** If you haven't filled out a North River minor hockey registration form yet for your daughter I will have 3 at the practice tonight. You will have to fill it out and bring it to the rink with a cheque before Friday's game, if you can drop it off before that it would be even better.

They cannot play until this is done.

Ice Time:

Mark your calendars, next week is busy:

Thursday - 17 November - Game vs Morell at 7:00 in Morell

Friday - 18 November - Home game at APM at 6:20 vs Pownall

Sunday - 20 November - Craig Jenkins Excel Hockey school in Rustico at 4:20 pm

* I am giving our Wednesday 16 November practice time to the Bantams, they gave us the full ice tonight because they have a game in Borden. I didn't think we needed 4 ice times in 5 days and Laurie said any midget girls that want to go on for that ice are more than welcome.

Future ice times for Excel Hockey school with Craig:

December 04 and December 18

January 15

All are at Rustico and all are at 4:20 pm. I strongly encourage the girls to attend these sessions. Craig has coached higher level girls hockey for years and will introduce them to a lot of new and valuable skills.

Coach and assistant coach are needed to assist with these.


We will try to enter the Sussex Invitational from 9 - 12 Feb. I have all the replies and almost everyone seems to like it the best. Susan is working on hotels already and we are waiting on registration information e-mail from Sussex, we'll talk money after that is received.

Buy the way, not a lot of hotels in Sussex, Moncton may be the closest option.



November 7, 2011
Week of Nov 07 to Nov 13

- I will be attending the Minor Hockey meeting at APM, 08 Nov at 7:30 for coaches and managers. Anyone have any issues they want brought up let me know.

- Practice Wednesday 09 Nov in Crapaud at 8:10

- Game Friday 11 Nov at APM at 6:20 vs. Sherwood


November 7, 2011
Tough Loss

8 - 1 versus Montague. A tough way to learn you have to be thinking hockey before you hit the ice, our girls were looking shell shocked after the first 5 minutes. Second and third periods we fared much better, congratulations to Nikki for breaking the shutout on a nice feed from Allyson Stewart.

November 3, 2011
Next Ice Times

Friday Nov 4th, APM at 6:20, PRACTICE (3 teams said no to exhibition, they're scared of us).

Sunday Nov 6th, in Montague at 5:40, REGULAR SEASON GAME

November 2, 2011
Lots of news

A big thank you to Susan Dixon who has stepped up and volunteered to be manager, I believe her mother Heather will be assisting her this year also.

This is a relatively new venture for Susan so please co-operate as much as possible and watch your e-mails!

Claire Matheson has volunteered to set up the 50/50 schedule and act as co-signer for the team account. Thanks Claire!

The schedule is out, I will give each player a league and team copy tonight. There are already some issues but nothing immediate. E-copies are attached. Phone tree is also attached and will be handed out tonight too.

I am trying to secure another exhibition game for this Friday evening but so far it looks like it might be a practice, waiting on one more reply. Stay tuned.

Our first league game will be Sunday 06 Nov in Montague at 5:40 pm.

I will also have something out soon regarding tournaments, waiting on replies from NS and NB.



November 2, 2011
Practice tonight in Crapaud (02 Nov) at 8:10
October 31, 2011
North River Girls Win !

The North River Midget A Flames took home a hard work win on Friday night. Drew Dalzeil was on fire scoring 2 unassisted goals in a 3 - 1 win over a tenacious squad from the Rustico North Stars. North River's other goal was scored by Maggie Murray on a re-direction of Nikki MacEwen's shot on net. The girls are starting to understand the importance of conditioning!

The team would like to thank Erika Noonan for stepping up and playing a great game in net for us! Our next ice time is Wed night (2 Nov) in Crapaud at 8:10 pm.

Happy Halloween Everyone !!

October 25, 2011
Exhibition Game

Friday, October 28, at APM at 6:20 vs Rustico.  Please e-mail Kevin if your daughter CANNOT make that game. Try to have players at the rink at least 30 mins prior to game time. Thanks

October 24, 2011
Practice Wed night (Oct 26) at 8:00 pm in Crapaud
October 21, 2011
Practice Sunday Oct 23

Practice Sunday evening 23 Oct at the APM at 7:20 pm.

Blair Stewart has been volunteered to help out as assistant coach, Thanks Barb!

Still looking for a manager.

October 19, 2011
Tentative practice and game times

Our tentative practice time is Wed night in Crapaud from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  Game time is Friday night at APM from 6:20 pm to 7:20 pm.


October 19, 2011
Practice ice times.

We have ice time tonight at 7:30 - 8:30 and again Thursday night 20 Oct from 6:20 - 7:20. Both ice times are at the APM.


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