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February 28, 2012
News for the Week - Feb 27th

Our ice times this week:

Wed, Feb 29th - 6:00am - Practice at APM
Fri, Mar 2nd - 4:40pm - Practice at Crapaud
Sun, Mar 4th - 2:40pm - Game at APM
Team Pictures  - These will take place on Friday, March 2nd practice.  Dave Sigsworth will be on ste to take our team pictures.  Please have the players have both their home/away jerseys with them for this practice. 
Make up Game - our final make up game will be on Tuesday, March 13th at 5:10pm at the APM vs Western. 
Final Developmental Practice will be on Friday, March 16th at 4:40pm.
See you at the rink
February 5, 2012
News for the Week - Feb 6th

Hi Team

A GREAT weekend of hockey folks …all our children should be very proud on how well they did in the SPUD.

BTW …Charlottetown went on to win for the Novice AA division over Western for a 5-1final.

Our ice times for this week are as follows:

February 8th - 6:00am – PRACTICE at the APM


9:45-10:45 North River vs Kings County

12:15-1:15 Gulf Storm vs North River

1:30-2:30 North River vs Western

Have a great week and see you at the rink!

January 30, 2012
News for the Week - Jan 30th

Wow ...what a great few days of hockey (and still lots more excitement to come in the next few weeks!!)

Here's our schedule for our upcoming weekend:  

Division    Visitor                 Home              Date        Time        Rink

Novice      Sherwood Falcons        North River       3-Feb       9:10 AM     Civic Centre
Novice      Gulf Storm              North River       3-Feb       1:20 PM     Simmons
Novice      North River             Kings Co. Kings   4-Feb       8:15 AM     Pownal Arena
Novice Championship Novice Semi Final # 1 Novice Semi Final # 1 4-Feb   4:45 PM       MacLauchlan B
Novice Championship Novice Semi Final # 2 Novice Semi Final # 2 4-Feb   5:30 PM     Cody Banks
Novice Championship Novice Championship Novice Championship 5-Feb       3:30 PM       MacLauchlan B

To see the final details of the SPUD, please go to the website for info on the various divisions and tournament rules/etc.

Summerside Tournament - Just a reminder, we will be in Summerside on Feb 10-11th. The schedule should be coming out in the next day or two.  The Summerside tournament organizer advised teams today that the majority of the games will be played on Friday, Feb 10th; and then cross-overs will be taking place on Saturday, Feb 11th.   Once the schedule is available, we'll email it out.

Just an fyi....we will NOT be attending our Developmental practices in Crapaud on Friday, Feb 3rd OR Feb 10th due to our upcoming tournaments.  

We'll see everyone on Friday morning! Have a great week.

January 22, 2012
News for the Week Jan 16th

Hi All
A quick "mid-week" hockey update (lots of activity over the next 3 weeks) :

- Looks like the schedule for the Spud is out.  
Feb 3rd - 9:10am vs Sherwood
Feb 3rd - 1:20pm vs Gulf Storm
Feb 4th  - 8:15am vs Kings County 
Also .....a few mentions in regards to schedule changes (make-up games and a practice change):

Make up Confirmed  North River vs Pownal  Thursday,  2011-01-26 APM  5:10pm
Make up confirmed North River  vs Summerside Friday, 2011-01-27 Crapaud 4:40pm

*  pls note we will be practicing on Monday, Jan 30th at 6:00am  (and then NO Feb 1st practice)

For quick reference, I've emailed the full game schedule.  Think that is it.

January 16, 2012
News for the Week Jan 16th

Hey Team

Just a quick recap of this week's ice times:


Wednesday, January 18th at 6:00am at APM

Friday, January 20th at 4:40pm at CRAPAUD


Saturday, January 21, 2011 - GAME vs Summerside at 12:30pm at Credit Union Place

Sunday, January 22, 2011 - GAME vs Charlottetown at 2:40pm at the APM


An update on our road trip to Tyne Valley!! We have arranged for a bus for Saturday, Jan 28th to leave from the APM at 2:30pm. This should be a great trip for the team ...we'll go over details (space availability/etc) next week.

See you at the rink

January 9, 2012
News for the Week Jan 9th (reminder we are on the ice this am!!)

Hey Team,

Here's our ice times for the next week:

- Monday, January 9th - 6:00am - PRACTICE - pls note: Craig Jenkins will be on the ice with the kids again.

- Thursday,January 12th - 6:10pm GAME vs Kings County at Georgetown Sportsplex

- Friday, January 13th - 4:40pm PRACTICE at Crapaud

- Sunday, January 15th - 2:00pm GAME vs Pownal at Pownal Sports Centre

 Pls Note: a future change to the schedule (make-up game vs Pownal)


ADDITIONAL GAME - Thursday, January 26th - 5:10pm GAME vs Pownal at the APM


 Gulf Storm Year End Tournament:    We were recently invited to attend the Gulf Storm Year-End Novice AA tournament - we mentioned at the beginning of the season that this tournament was a possibility. We just confirmed with Gulf Storm that we wish to attend. Please note: this tournament will be taking place between March 9-11th in Kensington.

As this wasn't a budgeted event, we are wondering if we may want to give up the bus trip to Tyne Valley on Saturday, Jan 28th (since it is a big cost with only slightly more than a one hour drive). So....we would kindly ask for your help in making a decision for the team (and if possible we'd ask that you respond back by Wednesday on your preference) :     1) Keep the bus and we pay an additional fee per player for the tournament or  2) Give up the bus and pay for the additional tournament out of the teams funds.   Thanks for your help in making this decision as quickly as possible (in order to confirm a bus - if applicable!).



January 3, 2012
Upcoming Ice Times - week of Jan 3rd

Happy New Year!!

Our upcoming ice times are:

- Wednesday, Jan 4th at 6:00am APM (PRACTICE)

- Friday, Jan 6th at 4:40pm at Crapaud (PRACTICE)

- Sat, Jan 7th at 4:15 at Simmons vs Ch'town (GAME)

- Sun, Jan 8th at 2:40pm at APM vs Sherwood (GAME)

- Mon, Jan 9th at 6:00am at APM (PRACTICE)


- Thurs, Jan 12th at 6:10pm at Georgetown SportsPlex (GAME) vs Kings County

- Fri, Jan 13th at 4:40pm at Crapaud (PRACTICE)


December 18, 2011
Scedule for the Next Few Weeks

Hey Team... A great game today Flames!! And then an awesome Christmas get together afterwards. A BIG thanks to our two party organizers ...Jackie and Jacki! And a BIG thank you to all the parents that brought treats/beverages for the team - we certainly had lots of goodies for everyone!! THANK YOU.

Just a few things for the upcoming week:  

Monday, Dec 19th:   7:00-8:00pm - Off Ice Training at Andrews - Children are asked to bring shorts, sneakers, water bottle and be prepared for a great workout!


Thursday, Dec 22 - 6:00am practice at the APM

Friday, Dec 23rd - No practice at 4:40pm in Crapaud.  Game - North River vs Sherwood at the CariB at 7pm

Wednesday, Dec 28th - 6:00am Practice at APM.   6:30pm - Shoot for the Stars with the PEI Rockets - Team Activity

Friday, Dec 30th -  4:40 pm Crapaud - Developmental Practice

 See you at the rink  ...Maureen

December 16, 2011

Hi Team

Just a couple of things today ....

*Friday, Dec 16th- Practice today at 4:40 in Crapaud - fyi - Kenny MacDougall and some of the Thunder WILL NOT be on the ice today as mentioned in an earlier email but we expect them out for a future practice. *Sunday, Dec 18th - Team Christmas Get Together - Just a reminder that we will be upstairs in the APM (directly following our game) from 4-5pm. If a few parents would like to bring chips/drinks - that would be fabulous! 

*FYI- We would like to suggest that our team donate the 50/50 proceeds on Sunday, Dec 18th to the Hennessey Family (the Hennessey family is also in the NRMH Assn - Connor played Novice last year with some of our team).They incurred a devastating house fire recently and it would be great if our team could support them in this small way. If players/parents wanted to pass the word along, we will convert all funds raised to a Wal-Mart gift card (we'll have a little jar on hand for persons that may wish to make a donation). *Monday, Dec 19th:

7:00-8:00pm - Off Ice Training at Andrews - Children are asked to bring shorts, sneakers, water bottle and be prepared for a great workout!

See you soon

December 8, 2011
News for the Week Dec 4th

Hey Team

A few pieces of hockey news ...

Practice tomorrow at 6:00am!! FYI - Our own Jacki Ross has been working with Kris MacDonald (Andrews Hockey) as he completes his practicum at Westwood School. Kris has volunteered to come on the ice with our Novice team tomorrow as well as next Wed am. See you in the am!

No Practise on Friday: Due to the Pownal tournament schedule; we have made the decision to give up our Friday Developmental Practise in Crapaud (as we will be playing early Saturday morning based on the schedule).

Christmas Get Together: It's that time of the year !! As mentioned at the beginning of the year, it may be nice to have a Christmas get together with the team. Please pass along any ideas you have for a little get together (perhaps immediately following one of our upcoming ice times in the next few weeks).

See you at the rink.

Pownal Schedule - We play Charlottetown at 4:00pm on Thursday, December 8th in Pownal Arena and then play Sherwood on Friday, December 9th at 7:45am at Cody Banks. After the first 2 games, the remaining game times will depend on our results from our first 2 games. Here is the link for the entire schedule:  Pownal Markan Hardwood Plus Memorial 2011 Master Schedule



December 3, 2011
Pownal Schedule

Hi Team We play Ch'town at 4:00pm on Dec 8th in Pownal Arena and then play Sherwood on Friday am at 7:45am at Cody Banks. After the first 2 games, the remaining game times will depend on our results from our first 2 games. FYI - all the seven Novice teams are in the same division for this tournament. See you Friday.

December 1, 2011
Update for Week Nov 29th

Hey Team,
Hopefully everyone is still pumped with our great weekend of hockey  - well done everyone!!   Just a few reminders for this upcoming week:
PT Friday, December 2nd - 4:40 in Crapaud - Developmental Practice


Pownal Tournament (Dec 9-11th) - the schedule for the tournament can be found below (highlighted in yellow our games) or at the following link:  Pownal Markan Hardwood Plus Memorial 2011 Master Schedule

Sponsorship:  We are still missing a few that have not submitted their sponsorship monies, kindly pass this in as quickly as possible.  Thank you!

Slight Schedule Change:  Please be aware that we have switched our practice time from Dec 21st  - 6:00am to Thursday, Dec 22nd at 6:00am.  

Rockets: As your children may have already mentioned to you a few weeks ago, our team has been selected to participate in the "Shooting for the Stars" during the December 28th PEI Rocket game at 7:00pm.   Please save this date ....our team will have the chance to "shoot" against another PEI novice team on the 28th.   As a team, we will receive free admission fro all the team along with one parent pass per child.  Hopefully everyone can participate in this fun team event .....the children will be required to be in full gear when they go on the ice for the shoot out taking place between the 1st and 2nd period.

Off-Ice Activity:   We are making plans to book in an activity for the team (i.e. gym time and a brief classroom session to go have a fun team building exercise, and perhaps bring in a guest/hockey speaker that give a brief pep talk to the team, the coaches would also like to spend a brief time discussing player conduct, on and off-ice behavior).  We hope to book this in within the upcoming couple of weeks.  Once a date/time are settled, we will send out a note.

Dressing Room: There were a couple of questions raised recently about our dressing room and what the expectations are for parents, siblings, players when the team is getting ready for a game.  We briefly chatted about this at the parents meeting:  the coaches would appreciate having 15 minutes before a game and 5-10 minutes after a game with the team only.   For practices - this would not apply.  The children are 7-8 years old and definitely need assistance getting skates tied/goalie pads on and off/etc.  Should you have any questions on this whatsoever, please do not hesitate to call or email.  

Home Game Programs:  Please note we will be profiling two of our team's players in the upcoming home game programs (since we got off a little late - my apologies).  Along with their photo, it will capture their favorite hockey team, player, favorite hockey moment and/or other hockey notes (some of the info they provided at the beginning of the year is what will be used in this section).   If you do want to double- check these  before I go to print; please let me know.  I usually are printing these on Friday (for Sunday games).   This week it will feature #3, Michael and #4 Ryan.  

November 19, 2011
Early Bird Schedule
Hi Everyone,
Hot off the presses .....the Early Bird tournament schedule. Below is our schedule:
Thursday, November 24th - 6:00pm - Cari B - North River vs Kings County
Friday, November 25th - 7:45am - Cari B - North River vs Sherwood
Saturday, November 26th - 8:15am - Simmons - North River vs Pownal
Semi Final
Saturday, November 26th - 3:15pm Cari B
Saturday, November 26th - 3:15pm Charlottetown Civic Centre
Sunday, November 27th - 8:00am - Cody Banks
November 14, 2011
News for the Week Nov 14th

Hi Team

Just a few reminders for the upcoming week ....
Tonight's make-up game is at 7:00pm at Cari B.  

SHERWOOD  vs NORTH RIVER  2011-11-14  at CARI ARENA B 7:00pm 

Practices this week:
Wednesday, 6:00am at APM
Friday, Nov 19th at 4:40 pm in Crapaud

FYI - I do not have the schedule for the Early Bird tournament but once received I will send out or send the link to their website.   
If you need a receipt for your sponsorship, please let me know.  I will have them with me tonight.  See you at the rink!

November 7, 2011
News for the Week November 7th

Hi Team
Just a few things to pass along this week:

Practices this week:
Wednesday, Nov 9th   - 6:00am APM
Friday, Nov 11th  -  4:40pm Crapaud

Games this week:

Sponsor Bars
Thank you to all that have handed in their rep fees already....if you have not done so as yet, please do so as soon as possible.    As well, if you have a sponsor that should be featured/ advertised on our programs, please let me know and I will ensure they are listed on the NR website as well as in our home game programs.    
A BIG Thank You to all parents that have generously volunteered to assist in our activities this season:
* Home Game Music - Danny McLaughlin and Derik Arsenault
* Social Committee - Jackie Ross and Jackie Wheatley
* Fundraising Committee - Joan Woods, Niki MacKinnon, Chrissy Campbell, Jackie Ross (but remember ALL parents are asked to assist in our primary fund-raising activity of the Veggie Bags).
* Trainer(s) - Kent Ross and Brad Mix (back-up)
* Photography and Video - Margo MacWilliams and Wendy Adams (love to have all parents assist with the photo/video taking if possible!)

Thank you to all for your assistance and cooperation to date.    

October 31, 2011
News for the week of October 31st

Few notes to pass along this week:

A few reminders that we confirmed from our parents meeting:

    • we would kindly ask all rep fees ($200) to be turned in as soon as available –attached is a sponsorship letter if you are approaching a business/employer.
    • It was suggested that we would package/sell our vegetable bags on the November 19th weekend.    
    • Here are the practices/games for the upcoming week  (please note that due to our game on Friday, we will not be practicing in Crapaud on Friday):
    • PRACTICE:  Wednesday, November 2nd 6:00am 
    • GAMES:

    NORTH RIVER   at 7pm



    7:00 PM


    CH'TOWN    at 2:40



    2:40 PM

Have a great week and Happy Halloween!


October 22, 2011
Great Game

Great game today team!   See you all at the rink for Sunday's game.    A big THANK YOU to Leita Chisholm for donating back the 50/50 winnings from Sundays game. 

October 20, 2011
News for the Week of Oct 17th
Just a reminder our schedule is 
PRACTICES:  Wednesdays, at 6:00am at the APM
Saturday, October 22nd at 4:15pm at Simmons  (vs Charlottetown)  
Sunday, October 23rd at 2:40pm at APM (vs. Gulf Storm)
PLEASE NOTE:  There will be a PARENT Meeting immediately following our Sunday game (3:50-4:30pm) in the upstairs meeting room at the APM (it would be appreciated if one or two parents would be able to watch the children in the gym during the Parent meeting).
October 20, 2011
Hey Team
See you at the rink on Saturday for our game against Charlottetown - game time is 4:15pm.  We would kindly ask all players to be at the rink 45 minutes before game time.
October 14, 2011
Game on Sunday , October 16th

Please be aware that we will be playing a game on Sunday at 2:30pm at the APM vs. Charlottetown.  We would ask all players to be at the rink at least 45 minutes before game time.   

October 14, 2011
Novice AA Team

Novice AA Team for 2011-12:

Simon Taweel, Cameron MacLean, Calvin MacWillams, Aiden Ross, Colby Adams, Matthew Mills, Bryce Wheatley, Mike McQuaid, Sam MacKinnon, Carly Thompson, Will Mix, Bradley Chisholm, Frankie Woods, Ryan McLaughlin, Malcolm Campbell, Josh Smith, Ty Arsenault

We would like to thank everyone who came out to tryout and we hope you have a fun and enjoyable year.

October 10, 2011
Novice AA tryouts

The following players have been selected to attend the next Novice AA tryout which will be held Wednesday October 12th @ 4:50.

Simon Taweel

Cameron MacLean

Calvin MacWillams

Aiden Ross

Colby Adams

Matthew Mills

Bryce Wheatley

Jack Nordquist

Taylor Campbell

Rachael Richards

Mike McQuaid

Sam MacKinnon

Carly Thompson

Will Mix

Bradley Chisholm

Frankie Woods

Malcolm MacDonald

Ryan McLaughlin

Malcolm Campbell

Crosby Andrews

Josh Smith

Ty Arsenault

Blake Crozier


We would like to thank everyone who came out to tryout and we hope you have a fun and enjoyable year


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