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March 29, 2022
Weekly Schedule March 28 - April 3

Schedule for this week

March 28 – April 3

Wednesday March 30 – Practice 6am – APM
Thursday March 31 – Practice 7:30pm – APM
Saturday April 2 – Practice 9:10am – Crapaud
Sunday April 3 – Game vs Summerside – 6:50pm – APM (50/50 Desroches / Frizzell)

March 15, 2022
Weekly Schedule

Practice March 16th @ 6am at APM

Game March 19th v. Montague @ 7:55pm at Montague Rink

Game March 20th v. Evangeline @ 6:50pm at APM


Just a reminder that if you’re going to be away, please let the coaches know so AP’s can be called.

March 7, 2022
Weekly Schedule

No Practice Wednesday

Practice Thursday, March 10th @ 6am @ APM

Game Friday, March 11th @ 8:20pm v. Summerside 1 @ Credit Union Place (Ice-Pad arena)

Game Saturday, March 12th @ 7:40pm v. Montague @ APM

Game Sunday, March 13th @ 6:50pm v. Pownal 1 @ APM

February 28, 2022
Weekly Schedule

Practice Wednesday, March 2nd @ 6am @ APM

Game Saturday, March 5th v. Pownal 2 @ Pownal @ 6:40pm

Game Sunday, March 6th v. Montague @ APM @ 6:50pm

February 15, 2022
Weekly Schedule

February 16th Practice 6am at APM

February 19th Game at 6:40pm v. Pownal 2 @ Pownal

February 20th Game at 6:50pm v. Gulf Storm @ APM


We have about 16 games to play so the next few weeks will be busy.  Most of the games we’ve missed were away games.  I’ve asked Crapaud Rink if they are staying open beyond their normal scheduled closing date.  They don’t know as yet.  I’m hoping to know in the next week so that we can book replacement home games as APM has no time at their rink. 


Next week we have 3 games. 


Our North River Teams calendar is updated and I will continue to make updates as replacement games get added to the schedule. 

I’ll continue to provide a weekly email update as well of our scheduled practices and games.


Shoot me a text if you have a question.



Have a great week!

January 31, 2022
Weekly Schedule


See practice times below for this week:


Wednesday, February 2 @ 6am at APM for one hour

Sunday, February 6 @ 6:50pm at APM for 1.5 hours

December 6, 2021
Weekly News

This week’s hockey schedule:

December 8th: Practice at 6am at APM

December 11th: Practice at 11:30am at Crapaud Rink

December 12th: Game v. Pownal 2 at APM

With Summerside 1 dropping out of the league, we’ll try and make up a couple of exhibition games.


Draw is December 12th so get your tickets in if you haven’t already.  The ballot box is now in the APM lobby.  I still have someone’s tickets so if you haven’t received them, please let me know.

Parent Party:

December 18th at Jamie & Sarah Coffin’s house.  Please let them know if you plan to attend.  Jamie’s email address is


We’ll let you know when we can expect these. We’re following up today.


Have a great week!

November 29, 2021
Weekly News

Weekly Schedule:

Wednesday, Dec. 1: Practice at 6am at APM

Saturday, Dec. 4: Practice at 11:30am at Crapaud Rink

Sunday, Dec. 5: Game at 6:50pm at APM v. Central Attack

As of last night, before our game, we were in 5th place in the standings, out of 9 teams in the league.


They are being ordered today.

Corporate Sponsor Meeting with Team:

Saturday, December 4th at Fairholm Inn at 7:30pm – 8:30pm.  This is a brief meet and greet with the corporate sponsor to express our thanks for the generous donation.  Drinks and snacks will be provided for the players.  Please plan to attend if you can as this is our only session to express thanks to the sponsor of our team.


 Have a great week!

November 14, 2021
Weekly News

Weekly Schedule (November 14-21):

Sunday, Nov 14: Game 6:50pm @ APM v. Gulf Storm

Wednesday, Nov 17: Practice 6:00am @ APM

Thursday, Nov 18th @ Cody Banks Arena 7-8pm   NR (home) v. Central Attack (visitor)

Friday, Nov 19th @ Bell Aliant Centre MacLauchlan B Arena 4:45pm – 5:45pm  NR (visitor) v. Chebucto Atlantics (home)

Saturday, Nov 20th @ Simmons Sports Arena 6-7pm NR (home) v. Lancaster Thunder

Semis and Finals are on Sunday.

Sunday’s regular season game which was to have been in Evangeline has been postponed to a future date yet to be determined.  David McQuaid is taking our home game ice time and we’ll get it back later in the season.

Health Forms (see attachment):

I’ve only received 8 of 17 players’ forms.  Please print and complete this 2-page form and bring them to tonight’s game thanks.   Please don’t send me pictures of a completed form.  I can’t print these.  Thanks.

Code of Conduct Form:

Further to an NRMHA Manager’s meeting this week, this form is required to be signed by all parents.  You don’t need to print it.  I’ll pass it around for consideration of signature.  It’s attached for your review. 


We’re considering ordering team hoodies with player numbers on them.  I’ll have details for you this week.

Thanks and have a great week!


November 9, 2021
Early Bird Tournament

We are in the “Maple” division.


Thursday, Nov 18th @ Cody Banks Arena 7-8pm   NR (home) v. Central Attack (visitor)

Friday, Nov 19th @ Bell Aliant Centre MacLauchlan B Arena 4:45pm – 5:45pm  NR (visitor) v. Chebucto Atlantics (home)

Saturday, Nov 20th @ Simmons Sports Arena 6-7pm NR (home) v. Lancaster Thunder

October 19, 2021
U15AA Tryout update

2021-22 U15AA Final Roster

We would like to thank all of the players who attended our tryouts this season! We coaches find this process to be tougher every season, as we have come to know all of you boys! Although everyone may not agree...we hope that everyone can respect the fact that we took our time, as we found this process was very difficult. For the players not on the list we hope you have a great season and please keep an eye on the U15 coordinators page for your next ice time. Also, we will be contacting you to be an AP for the season. Below is the U15AA roster for this season.


Adam MacDonald

Kyle Garro


Cam McKenna

Chase Desroches

David Inman

Davin Bruce

Dylan Drummond

Rylan MacPhail


Calen Ellsworth

Cam Coffin

Cole Irwin

Dylan MacLean

Ethan Grant

Gabe Wolfe

Logan Griffin

Nick Frizzell

Noah MacDonald




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