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November 17, 2021

Hello All,

I hope the girls are all enjoying the season so far.  Everyone seems to be having fun.

Big update for today.  Lots of info to distribute.

  1. I will be distributing fundraising tickets at today’s practice.  These are the tickets corresponding to the $80 fundraising fee you paid at registration. For those that are new to NRMHA you can sell these to recuperate your money or do as I do and sign your own name and try to win it back yourself. 😉
  2. I will have a team code of conduct for the girls to sign as well. This is just a general agreement to respect each other, the officials, and the sport.
  3. We are registering the team to play in a couple of tournaments this year, the first being the George Trainer Holiday Classic, which takes place Dec 27th -29th. Registration fees are due on the 27th of this month and work out to $50 per player. This can be paid to me either cash or money transfer(preferred). If transferring please indicate your players name in the message just to make tracking easier.
  4. There will be no game or ice time this Friday night, but we do have an away game 1:40pm Saturday in Pownal.
  5. Next Wednesday’s practice will be held on Tuesday nights at 5:00 instead. We don’t make a habit of rescheduling ice times, but we do work with our other teams if they have conflicts and need to jig the schedule. I will try to keep this to a minimum as we all arrange our lives around hockey. Lol


I know that’s a lot for one shot.  I’ll let you digest that before I get into fundraising and other items

November 3, 2021
Game Schedule

Hello all,

The game schedule has been loaded into the calendar. We play every team once between now and Christmas. After the holidays the teams will be split into tiers and the schedule for the remainder of the year will be released.

November 1, 2021

Hello all,

Welcome to team Moore. I have added or girls to the team roster as well as updated the team staff as I have it right now. We are looking for someone to fill the safety trainer position to fill out our bench staff, if anyone is interested. Also, if anyone's interested in the position of treasurer please let me know.

It's looking like we should have a fairly normal year of hockey. As long as everyone has their Vax passes we should have lots of room for spectators this season.

We will be looking at participating in a tournament out two this year, wh it ch is exciting. I think it will be a new experience for most of our girls.

Our first practice as a team will be Wednesday at 4:40, in Crapaud. Hope to see everyone there.

As I'm sure everyone has heard one of our team was hurt in Friday's bus accident. We will be collecting cards and an gift items at this week's practice. Thank you to Glenda and Lynn for being the focus on this. Our heart goes out to Bray' and her family. Hopefully she's back with us sooner than later, but she's got a long road ahead of her.

Mark M


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