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13-14 Initiation 2nd yr - Penguins - Team News Archives

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March 22, 2014
Last of the Schedule and Light Show Information

Hi Everyone See you on the 26nd! Hope everyone had a great March Break and didn't get tooo much sun burns to those fairhaired and white skinned babies!!!



March 22- No Hockey

March 26- Practice 5:00 2nd year tykes

March 29- Light Show

8:30 Flyers vs Canadians

9:30 Pownall vs Bruins This the time we are scheduled to "Work"

10:30 Matrix vs Devils

11:30 Pownall vs Penguins

February 22, 2014
Recent Team schedule

Well hello Everyone!

My it is some fun watching the lot of you really improving from the first of the year! We must really have some great coaches cause they are sure doing a great job!

Thank you so much for all you hard work and dedication Guys from all the parents!

 So Sunday Febuary 23 we are in Belfast rink at 2:45 to play Pownall on a full ice surface and Seth Hanson has volenteered to be out Goalie!   Thank you Seth. Coach wants you there 30 miinutes early. 

And March 2 at 2:40 in Crapaud we are playing the same team. 

 OK See you there!!!

January 14, 2014
Volenteers Need for Sweetheart Tournament

  There is a very real need for volenteers for the Sweatheat Tournament. I was not aware that this is a fundraiser for the NRMHA. They need  50/50 sellars, Hospatality Room monitors, and rink monitors for NR rink and Crapaud rink. Please help with something, anywhere that weeekend..Team Work everyone!Thank you Pamela

January 14, 2014
Volenteers needed for Sweetheart Tournament
January 9, 2014
Team Photos

Hi I was Told By Dave that he is going to take the Team and individual pictures in January 18th. If you are interested please be there next Saturday. Prices I will post this week..

January 3, 2014
Crapaud Ice Times January

Crapaud Ice Times - January

 Please see below 2nd Year Tykes Crapaud Ice Times 2:40-3:40 on Sundays
January 5th - All Second Year Tykes
January 12th - All First Year Tykes
January 19th - All Second Year Tykes
January 26th - All First Year Tykes
December 24, 2013
Penguins Jamboree

I have fiqured out my problem. I believe I will be better at this now.

!st game 9:10- 9:40 Against Pownal Reds

2nd game 11:40-12:10 against Pownal Rangers.

3rd game is 2:55-3:25 against Sherwood Blackhawks

12 Sandwiches to the hospility room before the first game Please. Peanut free.

Thanks for all your patience. Call if you have any questions 394-6354.

December 24, 2013
Down time Penguins schedule

Well I am very sorry all of this didn't make it on when I thought i put it on...1:30 -2:45

 Terry and Andrea Inman: 50/50

Jacon Inman and Donna Bulman Gym supervision

Jackie  and Christian Irwin Hospitality Room.  

Thank you everyone for volenteering Pamela

December 22, 2013
December 22nd Crapaud

The Tykes 2nd Year Hockey today is CANCELLED in Crapaud due to Weather.

December 17, 2013
Jamboree Dec 27th

The cost for every child if everyone comes is $10.00. Each Penguins parents are to bring Sandwiches. About a dozen each. Peanut free please. Please try to bring to rink by 8:30am ish.

We will need

1 person for 50/50.

1 person for gym

2 people for the hospility room from our Team. Please contact me 902-394-6354 if you are able to help.

 As soon as I have the hockey schedule I will post. Thank you. Merry Christmas, Pamela

December 17, 2013
Ice time DEC 24th

Hi Everyone

we are losing time on Christmas Day.But we will have time on Christmas Eve which is so much better. We can let our lovely Coaches deal with the ( Peel oof the wall ) children for a whole hour. YAHOO!


10:20 to 11:20 for the second Year Tykes. Dec 24th at APM

See you then! Pamela

December 3, 2013

Hi All,


Update in ice time changes for ist and 2nd year Tykes for Dec. 7th and 8th

  • 1st year ice time has changed from Saturday to Sunday @ 3:50
  • 2nd year ice time changes from Saturday @ 11:30 to Saturday @ 10:20


November 20, 2013
Upcoming Crapaud Ice Times
Upcoming Crapaud Times - Penguin Games Highlighted in YELLOW
Please plan on attending now that a Schedule has been made.  Please advise if you are unable to
make it.
Sunday, November 24th @ 2:40 PM - Matrix vs. Devils
Sunday, December 1st @ 2:40 PM - Devils vs.Penguins
Sunday, December 8th @ 2:40 PM - Penguins vs. Matrix
Sunday, December 15th @ 2:40 PM - Matrix vs. Devils
Sunday, December 22nd @ 2:40 PM - Devils vs. Penguins
Sunday, December 29th @ 2:40 PM - Matrix vs. Penguins
November 17, 2013
RESPECT IN SPORT - Parent On-Line Course

Hey Penguin Fans,

Recently we were informed that Hockey PEI requires the following to be completed by one Parent per household:

 *NEW* All Tykes and Novice teams:  At least 1 parent / player must complete the "Respect in Sport Parent" online course. If you are coaching the other parent must take the course.

NRMHA will be notified if courses are not completed by a parent of a registered player.

You are asked to complete this online course before the end December 2013 or sooner. 

Kind Regards


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