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13-14 Atom A Strikers - Team News Archives

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November 10, 2013
Flames #3 Practice icetimes now posted
November 2013
November 8th - 4pm - APM  Team 2&3
NEW ---- November 11th - 4pm - APM  w/Peewee A
CANCELLED -- November 15th - 4pm - APM  Team 3&1 
November 21 - 4pm - APM  Team 2 &3
November 29th - 4pm - APM  Team 2&3
December 2013
NEW---- December 2nd - 4pm - APM  w/Peewee A
CANCELLED -- December 6th - 4pm - APM  Team 1&3 
December 9th - 4pm - APM Team 3
December 20th - 4pm - APM  Team 3&2
December 27th - 4pm  - APM Team 1&3
December 30th - 4pm APM  Team 3
Please check our calendar on a regular bases to confirm icetimes.
November 3, 2013
Team Name

I've gotten lots of great suggestions for our new name.  If you have any more please email them to me by Tuesday.  We will have a vote on the top 3 on Friday!

November 3, 2013
Ice Times

We have a practice time on Friday November 8th at 4pm and a game time on Saturday Nov 9th at 9:20 am.

October 29, 2013
Ice Times

We have a practice on Friday November 1st at 4pm.  We would like you to stay for a few minutes after practice for a quick introduction and talk about picking a team name....    ( I think this team needs more then Flames # 3!).


October 29, 2013
Welcome Back

Hi Everyone - Welcome back!  This is what our team looks like for the season and I hope eveyone is looking forward to a great year of hockey!

Coach: Shawn Murray

Assistant  Coaches:  Blaine Ward, Kurt Taylor


Evan MacFadyen
Nolan Murray
Mason Ward
Caden Dawson
Keegan McCardle
Emerson Taylor
Connor DeRoche
Cory Goley
Andrew LeBlanc
Charley Doiron
Aiden Pot
Evan Trainor
Zac Toner

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