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13-14 Midget A West Masonry Flames - Team News Archives

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April 2, 2014
NRMH Year End Schedule

Here is our schedule for the finale this weekend:


Friday @ APM, 3 PM vs. Westville Miners

Friday @ Crapaud 7:40 pm vs. Riverview Rampage

Saturday @ Crapaud 12:40 pm vs Western Valley Spartans


Crossovers and Final Sunday

See you at the rink!!!!


Thanks, Garry

March 29, 2014
Saturday Final Practice of Season APM

Our final practice of the year will take place Saturday @ 6 pm APM.

Our NRMHA year-end tournament 1st game will be Friday @ 3 pm APM. Game # 2 in Crapaud Friday night. All of our 3 round robin games will involve off island teams.

See you at the rink

Thanks Terry / Garry

March 24, 2014
Congratulations Team

2013-14 Record For West Masonry Flames Tournaments:

George Trainer   2-1-1 Crossovers

Stanley, N.B.     5-0-0    "Championship banner"

Pownal              2-0-1  Tied for 3rd in points

Provincials         5-0-0      ""Provincial Champions"

Total                 14 wins - 1 loss - 2 ties = 17 games = Priceless

Congradulations team on your record, you have made us all very proud of your hard work and our team's accomplishments.

March 17, 2014
Provincial's Week Schedule

Here is our schedule for this week:

Wednesday @ APM 8:30 pm last pratice before Provincials


Provincials all played @ the CARI:

Friday @ 6:15 vs East # 1


Saturday @ 11:30 am vs East # 3

Saturday @ 5:15 pm vs Tignish

Sunday: Crossovers and and Finals

February 22, 2014
Pownal Tournament

The Standings are out and although we are tied for 3rd we are out because of less wins then the other qualifying teams.

Thanks for your effort, 1 loss in 12 tournament games this season is still something we can be proud off.

See you Wednesday at our 8:30 pm game @APM vs Alberton. Enjoy the game tomorrow am,

Go Canada Go!!!


Thanks, Garry

February 1, 2014
Fast Goals

Fast Goals Gamesheet

Our team West Masonry Flames of the Western Midget A league were involved with what we believe is a very huge accomplishment at any age level. It involved right Winger Morgan McNeill of our team and the scoring of 3 goals at the Stanley, NB Minor Hockey Midget tournament this past weekend. He scored 3 in 18 seconds!!! As you can see from the attachment his first was scored at 10:06, 2nd 9:58 and 3rd 9:48 of the third period, unbelievable.

I heard that the NHL record was 21 seconds so if this is correct Morgan has marked that this is a huge accomplishment no matter what the league or level. We felt that this was definitely news worthy and as a team just wanted to recognize Morgan for this great Achievement.

Garry Muttart
Midget A West Masonry Flames

January 23, 2014
Ice Time Saturday now APM 9:20 am

Time/Arena change / Now APM Gane vs NR # 3 @ 9:20 am. Nothing today in Rustico.




January 22, 2014
No Game This Saturday

Just advised that Summerside # 2 is hosting a tournament this weekend and as a result need to reschedle. Our next ice time will be this Sunday APM @ 8:30 pm vs Summerside # 1.


January 20, 2014
This Weeks Hockey
Happy Monday,
Saturday - Selmon Park @ 2:20 pm vs. Summerside #2
Sunday - APM @ 8:30 PM vs. Summerside # 1
As a side note please see that our practice next week will be @ the APM, 9 pm on Tuesday January 28 and not the usual Thursday in Crapaud.  
Also a reminder, I believe either Morgan or Chandler (memory lapse) are missing there A's should anyone have one on ther their sweater please remove it and forward to either Morgan or Chandler.
Thanks, have a great week and see you all in Summerside on Saturday. Great "team" effort last night.
January 8, 2014
Last Minute Ice Time APM Thursday @ 6:20 PM


We received a call 9:40 PM Wednesday night from NR corridinator David McQuaid about a open ice time Thursday night at the APM 6:20 PM. We said we would take it. I no it is last minute but if you can make it that would be great. Any ice time is better then none!!!


Thanks, Garry

January 3, 2014
New Schedule Starts Tomorrow, Saturday

Just received our new schedule.


We play tomorrow @ 7:30 pm in Tignish

Sunday Home game @ 8:30 PM APM

I will update calender ASAP.


As per usual if yoyu are unable yo make any games please advise|Terry or I as soon as possible.



Thanks, Garry

December 29, 2013
This Week's Hockey

Happy New Year!!!


Thursday 8:10 PM Practice in Crapaud

Friday 8:40 PM Makeup Game vs. Summerside 1 at APM (game to finalize tiering)

Sunday APM 8:30 PM Game vs TBA

December 24, 2013
GT Tournament Schedule


Saturday Dec 28 4:45 PM vs Sherwood # 2 - Cody Banks

Saturday Dec 28 9:15 PM vs Abbies # 2 - Cari

Sunday Dec 29 11 AM vs Gulf Storm Cari 

Further games/schedule can be seen @ George Trainor Tournament website.



December 23, 2013
Tonights Ice Time

Summerside has cancelled again!!!  We still have the ice so we will practice half the time and scrimmage the 2nd half.



December 22, 2013
Monday Night Hockey @ 840 PM (APM)
Hi all,
We have an ice time Monday night @ APM. We have invited Summerside #1 to play the game that was cancelled due to weather Sunday night. Yet to be confirmed, either way we have icetime Monday night 8:40 @ APM.
See you then...
December 22, 2013
Tonight's ice time will be a practice

Summerside # 1, has advised that they will not be coming to the APM tonight due to weather and road conditions.

As a result we will use our ice time for a much needed practice. Please check the weather  (use your own discretion) prior to leaving.



PS. Please check back to this website for any updates/changes

December 21, 2013
Today's Game is On!!

Hi all,

Just checked on line and the freezing rain is not to start till later this afternoon. Just spoke to Summerside coach and he said that it wasnt doing anything there. So I guess we will play. Should you have any concerns and think because of  forecast you want to stay home, no worries, just let me no please 393-6175.





December 20, 2013
Weekend Hockey
Hi all,
Please watch the weather. We may need to make some decisions on travel/game Saturday and / or Sunday. Please check our NRMH website. 393-6175
December 18, 2013
George Trainor Schedule

Schedule posted:

Saturday Dec 28 4:45 PM vs Sherwood # 2 - Cody Banks

Saturday Dec 28 9:15 PM vs Abbies # 2 - Cari

Sunday Dec 29 11 AM vs Gulf Storm Cari 

Further games/schedule can be seen @ George Trainor Tournament website.


See you all in Crapaud Thursday night @ 8:10 vs. Alberton




December 15, 2013
This Weeks Schedule

 Wednesday Dec 18, George Trainer Schedule should be released,  anyone that has to work hopefully you can get a copy to your employer.

Thursday Dec 19 Makeup game in Crapaud @ 8:10 pm vs Alberton

Staurday Dec 21 @ Selmon Park vs Summerside # 2,  2:20 pm

Last game prior to Christmas, APM vs Summerside # 1 @ 8:30 PM

Keep checking team calendar for any updates


December 15, 2013
Team Updates
Happy storm day!!!
Couple of items (4 in total):
1) As you are all aware by now our game tonight has been canceled. I have been in touch with Alberton and they will play us on our practice time this Thursday in Crapaud at 8:10 PM. Anyone who will be unable to attend please let Terry or I know as soon as possible.
2) Regarding the George Trainer Tournament the schedule is yet to be released. I contacted them and they said the schedule should be out this Wednesday.
3) Kathy has advised that at this point in time  the (Feb 20 - 23) Pownal Tournmant goes we are on a waiting list. Keep your fingers crossed.
4) Stanley Tournament in NB, January 31 - Feb 2. Please remember to book your rooms so we can get our block rate.

To book and confirm your room please call the Delta Reservations Office at 1-800-268-1133. We have been asked for ease of booking that callers identify themselves as being with West Masonry Flames.
Reservation requests must be made by Friday, January 10, 2014 in order to qualify for our group rate.

December 7, 2013
Tournamnet Updates

We have looked around and have found a tournament in Stanley NB. This is approx. 30 - 40 minutes outside of Fredericton. Do to the fact that there were very few options and we new from our parents/players meeting an off island tournament would be something we were in favour, we have sent in our application, to which it was accepted and at this point in time we are confirmed. We are now forwarding a cheque as requested. The tournament runs from Friday January 31 to Sunday Feb.2..

We have also scorced out accomodations so our team can stay at one location. It is the Delta Fredericton (as did not see many options for accomodations in the Stanley area) for $104.00 per night+ taxes with to be confirmed breakfast included. (Will update ASAP so we can book our rooms) Website can be found at:

Just as a followup to previous e-mails, we are now registered in 3 tournaments. George Trainer (Dec 27 - 29)+ Stanley NB (Jan 31 - Feb 2) + Rodd/Pownal Feb 21 -23, 2014.

As soon as further updates are known we will forward.



December 4, 2013
Tournament Updates

Hi all,

At this point in time we are accepted in both George Trainor Dec 27 - 29 and Pownal Feb 21 - 23/2014.

We were told initially from tournament advisor a few weeks ago that we had also been accepted in a NB Dieppe tournament but have just found out that Dieppe tournament has not materialized as we were lead to believe or thought.

We will keep looking. If anyone else would like to look and help us find and secure something off PEI that would be great.



December 4, 2013
Hockey PEI Memo Forwarded to all Minor Hockey Teams


Hockey Prince Edward Island 40 Enman Crescent Suite 209 Charlottetown, PEI C1E 1E6 Ph: 902-368-4334 Fax: 902-367-4337

To: Hockey PEI Member Teams, Leagues and Associations

From: Goops Wooldridge

Date: December 4, 2013

Re: Respect – Rule 9.2F

Recently, Hockey PEI has been made aware of situations that have resulted in members delivering verbal taunts, insults or intimidation based on discriminatory grounds to opposition players. As a reminder, Hockey Canada Rule 9.2F reads as follows:

(9.2F) Any player or team official who engages in verbal taunts, insults or intimidation based on discriminatory grounds (race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, language) shall be assessed a Game Misconduct penalty.

Notwithstanding the above, at the discretion of the Referee, a Gross Misconduct penalty may be assessed for any infraction to any player or team official.

Hockey PEI considers these matters very serious. If players or team officials are found guilty of this playing rule or valid complaints are submitted, disciplinary action may be taken by the Hockey PEI Discipline and Ethics Committee against any member. Such disrespect towards opponents will not be tolerated. We ask all members to offer respect to your opponents, officials and team members.

We ask that you share this information with your teams/members.


Goops Wooldridge


cc: Hockey PEI Board of Directors



December 2, 2013
This Weeks Schedule

Hi All,

Below is our schedule for this week:

Tuesday Dec. 3 in Crapaud vs. Southside @ 8:20 pm

Thursday Dec. 5 Crapaud Practice @ 8:10 pm

Sunday @ APM 8:30 pm game vs. Summerside # 1


 FYI, Hockey PEI website (standings):



As usual continue to check our NRMH calender for any updates. Please be at the rink and ready to go on the ice 10 minutes prior to icetime. Should anyone be unable to attend any of the above please let Terry or I no as soon as possible.

Thanks folks,


November 24, 2013
West Masonry Team C and A's for 2013 - 2014

We now have the Captain and Assistants picked for this years team as voted on by you the Players: 


Captain: Ben West


Assistant Captains:

Morgan McNeill

Chandler Leard



November 22, 2013
Practice Schedule Update (Next Week)


Because our schedule has been so few and far between icetimes we have secured an additional practice time in Crapaud for next Thursday @ 9:20 pm. We realize this is late but feel something we needed.

So the week of Nov. 25 we have ball hockey 7:30 pm Wednesday APM gym, Practice Thursday @ 9:20 Crapaud and game Sunday.

Please continue to check schedule/calendar for any updates.


See you all Sunday APM vs. O'leary 8:30 game time


Thanks Garry

November 18, 2013
Ball Hockey Game

Our team has booked the APM on Wednesday Nov. 27 @ 7:30 for a "Game On" ball hockey game. All sticks provided by APM, just bring yourself. Hope everyone can make it for some team fun.!!!



November 15, 2013
Reminder of APM Game Sunday

Just a reminder of our next ice time / Game (Makeup vs. Tyne Valley)
is this Sunday @ 830 PM APM.  Our ice time,  at the beginning, as per our
schedule is few and far between.  I anticipate December and the new year will be
much busier.
As per normal should anyone not be able to attend Sunday's game
please let Terry or I no as soon as possible.

See you Sunday,

November 14, 2013
Game Date Change (Schedule Update)

Hi All,

Please note our game vs. NR # 1 has been rescheduled (Lost ice to Early Bird Tournament) from Nov. 23 to Dec. 11 Wednesday @ 7:20 pm.


Thanks, Garry

November 5, 2013
Wenesday Game (1st of regular season)

Wednesday we officially begin our season. Lets giver!!!!!!!!!

16 players = 1 Team = team effort = fun for all!!!

8:30 pm is game time.

November 2, 2013

Our team calendar has been updated for our games from now till Christmas. Our 1st regular season game is this coming Wednesday Nov. 6 vs. NR # 3. Practice times/dates are yet to be finalized.




November 1, 2013
Team Manager??

Hi all,

Before we can move ahead we need to have a team manager step forward to help guide the ship.  If there is anyone interested could you please let Terry (628-8288 / 629-9681) or myself (368-7090 / 315-2057 - temporary cell number) know as soon as possible. 

Thanks for your help, Garry


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