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January, 2021
Increased Misconduct And Major Penalties
Hockey PEI logo

Good Afternoon,

Please see attached memo regarding the increase of misconduct and major penalties over the last moth. This trend is alarming and will be delt with in appropriate fashion. If you have any questions, please direct them to myself.

Thank you,

Connor Cameron
Executive Director



January, 2021
Transportation Safety
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Good Evening,

As we return to the rinks this weekend, Hockey PEI would like to remind its membership of the dangers of transporting children, fully dressed, to arenas. Please see attached the joint statement circulated to membership on December 4, 2020. Additionally, is attached a new document created to illustrate safe transportation to and from Arena's in booster or car seats safely.

Understandable yesterday's news may cause focus to shift, but the safe transportation of kids to hockey remains an absolute requirement.

Please circulate within your association to make sure no teams are sending directives to visiting teams requiring them to arrive fully dressed, or to be dressed in the parking lot.

Thank you for all your hard work,

Connor Cameron
Executive Director




January, 2021
Congratulations to our NRMHA Registration Draw Winners
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  1. 1st - ($500) - Naomi Marshall
  2. 2nd - ($300) - Anita Mullins
  3. 3rd - ($200)- Amanda Smith
January, 2021
NRMHA Registration Draw
North River Minor Hockey Association logo

We will resume the drop off for the NRMHA Registration Draw. Please advise all team members.

Drop offs can be done during a scheduled ice session - ballots can be given to a team staff if you are unable to attend an ice session.

When ballots are being dropped off - please have them separated and not stapled together or in a baggie.

New Draw will take place on January 3rd, 2021.

December, 2020
North River Fundraising Ticket Draw
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With the recent announcement of our suspension of play, we will be suspending our North River Fundraising Ticket Draw. Details of the new draw date and ticket drop off will be released upon returning to the ice.

November, 2020
North River Minor Hockey Association logo

NRMHA will be holding a meeting for each team liaison this Thursday at 6:50pm at the APM gym. We ask that each team representative attends.

November, 2020
UPDATE: League Meetings
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Hello MHA Presidents & Communication Officers,

Please find attached memo regarding the postponement and re-scheduling of remaining league meetings for the rec and "A" levels.

Please note: The 18U "AA" league meeting is keeping its originally scheduled meeting date.

We ask that you please circulate this memo to your teams ASAP.


2020 League Meetings.pdf Updated November 2, 2020

October, 2020
League Meetings
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Hello MHA President's & Communications Officers,

A reminder that there are upcoming mandatory league meetings. I have attached the information surrounding those meetings within. Please ensure this information is getting forwarded to your respective league representatives.

Should you have any questions, please contact Minor Hockey Council Chair - Robert MacMillan at

Have a great weekend!

2020 League Meetings.pdf

October, 2020
We Are Missing A Number Of Jerseys
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We are missing a number of jerseys from last year.

For anyone looking to do a return - please email Janice at -

(Jerseys cannot be returned to APM Staff.)

October, 2020
Electronic Devices In Facilities Policy
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NEW POLICY: The Inaugural Hockey PEI "Electronic Devices In Facilities Policy" has been adopted and will go into effect for the 2020-21 season.


October, 2020
"A" Male and Female Coaching Applications
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North River Minor Hockey Association is Calling for our "A" Coaching Applications for the 2020-2021 season.

This is for our Male and Female "A" Teams.

(U9, U11, U13, U15, and U18)

Application deadline is October 18th, 2020.

Interviews will take place the following week.

Please click on the link to submit your interest.

October, 2020
NRMHA Is Looking Officials And Timekeepers
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NRMHA is now seeking applications for anyone interested in officiating or working as a timekeeper for the 2020-21 season.

Officials and timekeepers must be at least 12 years old.

If interested, please forward your name, the reason why you wish to become an official, and provide any related experience. Please note there are a limited amount of positions available.

Deadline for applications is October 17th, 2020.

Email -

Only those selected for an interview will be contacted

October, 2020
Another Scholarship Opportunity
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The 2019-20 Novice Flames and Stanley Cupcakes teams are pleased to announce that they will be awarding a 1-time $200 Hockey Scholarship for the 2020-21 Hockey season.

This Scholarship is a result of a tournament refund in the 2019-20 season.

The scholarship will be awarded to a female player in her first year of hockey at any age level (Under-9 to Under-18) within our NRMHA.

We ask that you forward a written biography or video to:

Details should include name, contact information, division, why you should be selected for the scholarship, any community involvement, goals, any financial need, why you love the sport of hockey, etc.

Applications should be received no later than October 15th, 2020.

October, 2020
Return To Hockey - Phase 4
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Please review the full release from Hockey PEI..... Mask are mandatory for all players.

Masks must be worn until player puts on their helmet.

October, 2020
Return To Play
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Please see the new release to "Return to Play"

Our NRMHA Board is working hard behind the scenes to finalize the details for the upcoming season. We will be sending out an email to all registered players in the next couple weeks to provide you with your child's start date. As more details are shared from Hockey PEI, NRMHA, and our APM Centre, we will be sharing and posting on our website and facebook page.

October, 2020
Female Conditioning
North River Minor Hockey Association logo

Schedule for each Group division can be found on the NRMHA website calendar.

Group Max will be 30 Skaters.

****Please note that players will need to be dropped off at the APM Centre and adhere to their Covid-19 Rules. A listing will be emailed before conditioning sessions begin.

Each Ice Session is $10 and we ask the player to arrive with the proper amount.
Division coordinators or NRMHA Member will be collecting at each session- etransfers will not be accepted.

Deadline to sign up is October 15th at 8pm.

October, 2020
Final Payment Drop Off
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One last "Final" payment drop off will be taking place on Wednesday 6-pm at the APM Gym.

Please have cheque(s) already written out prior to drop off.

We're still accepting e- transfer for full amount only.

October, 2020
Conditioning and Tryouts
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NRMHA Conditioning and Tryouts sign up

We welcome all participants to come out for Conditioning and or Tryouts over the next few weeks. All participants must be registered with NRMHA and submit the required sign up.

Format to Conditioning and Tryouts will be-
2 Conditioning Sessions
up to 4 Tryouts

Deadline for submissions for Conditioning and Tryouts is - October 8th at 8PM. We will be sticking to this deadline as we're required to provide weekly sign in listings to the APM Facility listing and Hockey PEI for Covid- 19 regulations.

Player's will be divided into groups and will be notified on October 9th, 2020.

Full APM Covid-19 Rules will also be communicated to all participants and must be followed.

October, 2020
NRMHA Registration **Payment Update**
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2020-2021 NRMHA Registration is coming to a close this Saturday.

As we had posted earlier this month with Covid-19 related items, the situation is constantly evolving and continuous changes and updates will impact this Season.

One change is clarity on what will be happening with our Registration Payments- as this will be different than our normal process.

New updates and changes to our Payment Options

E-transfers- Deadline to submit is October 3rd. Full balance payment only.
(Please include Invoice # and player(s) name in the message).
E-transfer address is -
No password or security question is required
**E-transfers will not be accepted after October 3rd, 2020.

Cash- we will only be accepting cash on October 3rd, 2020.

Debit- **UPDATE**- we will only be available to have the Debit payment option for this Saturday. The Debit payment will not be available for any installment plan for this Season due to restrictions to the APM facility, We have made arrangements to have the payment option for registration only.

Cheque(s)-(Full balance or Installment Plan) This will be the only form of payment to use for our installment plan. Cheques can be written for full amount or you can have them written in four equal installments.
We ask that the cheques are written out prior to dropping them off to our in person registration.

*Please make cheque(s) out to "NRMHA"
*MEMO section on cheque(s)- please write player(s) name

*Dates for Cheques (Installments)
- October 3rd
- October 23rd
- November 6th
- November 20th- (final payment)

*****Fundscrips and Power Play Credits have been applied to each player's account. An updated invoice has been emailed (Please make sure to check your junk folder).

Payment drop off will take place this Saturday - October 3rd- APM.
If your oldest player is registered for U7, U9, or U11- payment drop off will be from 9am-11am.
If your oldest player is registered for U13, U15, or U18- payment drop off will be from 11am-1PM.

*Please note there will be strict guidelines to entering into the APM. Please enter the lobby and a volunteer will greet you and direct you to a table in the gym. We will be asking individuals to exit using the gym door.

*We ask that just one person for the household come to the payment drop off. Individuals may be asked Covid-19 Screening questions, and sign in.

*We do encourage you to wear a mask while in the building.

Anyone that still has not submitted their online registration for the upcoming Season- please do so by October 3rd, 2020. Any returning member that registers after that date will have a $50 late fee applied to their account.

As a friendly reminder, it's a great opportunity to make sure all addresses, contacts, and player(s) birth dates are correct in your profile. Hockey PEI and Hockey Canada requests this information to be up to date for all players.

If you never received an email validation of your online registration- be sure to go back into your profile and click "Check Out".

To register or verify your player's profile, please click on the link.

NRMHA Fundraising tickets will be distributed to team managers in November.

Cancellation Policy- Anyone wishing to cancel their registration can do so by October 31st, 2020 by communicating it to our treasurer and coordinator. After October 31st - refunds will be reviewed and prorated after Hockey PEI fees and Fundraising fee have been deducted.

As the return-to-hockey plan progresses under the direction of our local health authorities, programming may look different during the 2020-2021 season due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Please note everyone is working hard and we ask for patience as work continues ensuring hockey plays its role in bringing sports back.

The health and safety of everyone involved in the game will determine how and when we return to play.

Stay up-to-date by visiting our NRMHA website "COVID-l9 Communication" Tab.

Thank you for your passion and dedication to our game, and we hope to see you around the rink as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

September, 2020
2020-2021 Coach Clinics
September, 2020
Registration Updates - Including Payment Options
North River Minor Hockey Association logo

We have over 450 members registered to date. We have extended our registration deadline to October 3rd, 2020. After that date, all returning members will be charged a $50 late fee.

If you have not completed the online registration - please click on link:

In person payment drop off will take place on October 3rd at the APM Centre gym. Due to Covid-19, we do ask that you attended the required time frame for your child's division. If you have more than one player, please attend the division for your oldest.

  • Division - U7, U9, and U11 - 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Division - U13, U15, and U18 - 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

E-transfers for full balance can be sent now to (No Security Question or Password Needed). Please include invoice and player(s) name in the message.

We will accept - cash, cheque(s), and debit payment on October 3rd only. We do require 25% minimum by October 3rd, 2020.
(Debit - please keep in mind that the APM will not be able to have a staff member at the canteen during their hours, but they will be able to have someone assist for payments on the registration date. We are working with the APM Centre to confirm if there is another date that may allow us to have the Debit payment option for future installments).

We do encourage those wishing to take part in our installment plan to have post dated cheque(s). Installment Dates are:

  1. October 3rd
  2. October 23rd
  3. November 6th
  4. November 20th final payment

NRMHA Fundraising tickets will be distributed to team managers in November.

Cancellation Policy

Anyone wishing to cancel their registration can do so by October 31st, 2020 by communicating it to our treasurer and coordinator. After October 31st - refunds will be reviewed and prorated after Hockey PEI fees and Fundraising fee have been deducted.

September, 2020
Registration E-Transfers
North River Minor Hockey Association logo

For everyone that has been asking - E-Transfer is ready to go. Please review instructions.

*** Full Balance Only ***.

We are not accepting any installment plans by this method of payment.

When doing E-Transfer, please indicate in message:

  1. the invoice number(s) from registration email, and
  2. the player(s) full name(s).

Again - full amount only.

Other payment methods will be released by September 23rd.

E-Transfer is to be sent to -

September, 2020
2020 - 2021 Hockey Sponsorship Opportunity
Impress Island Realty logo

2020 - 2021 Hockey


  • Players who have excelled in studies, completed volunteer hours, contributed to local fund-raising efforts or who have gone above and beyond to make a difference in the local community are particularly encouraged to apply.
  • The player must reside full time in Cornwall or in the catchment area for the NRMHA
  • Open to any U15 or U18 Player regardless of their length of membership
  • Open to any level player (A, AA, AAA)


  • Nominations for player sponsorship will be accepted in writing ONLY from players themselves, parents and family members of players, educators, coaches, members of the public and members of the local NRMHA community.
  • Nominations should include information about the player, including home address and contact information and their involvement in NRMHA, school and/or the community and why they should be considered.

Further Notes

  • Sponsorship will cover the cost of NRMHA Fees for the season. It will not cover additional AAA or AA Fees nor additional costs for tournaments, travelling, equipment, etc.
North River Minor Hockey Association logo

To apply, please send your nomination to
with the subject line:
"Island Impress Realty Sponsorship"

September, 2020
AA Coach Selections
North River Minor Hockey Association logo

NRMHA wished to announce our "AA" Coaches for the upcoming Season.

  1. U9 AA - Baron Delaney
  2. U11 A - Greg Wilson
  3. U13 AA - Scott Ellsworth
  4. U15 AA - Travis Perry
  5. U18 AA - David Lank and Kenneth MacFadyen

The interview committee would like to Thank everyone for submitting their application.

September, 2020
Deadline For Underage Players
Hockey PEI logo

Deadline for underage players - for players born 2006-2013 is September 15th, 2020

For Full Details with Hockey PEI policy and application- click on link.

September, 2020
Coaching Certifications
Hockey PEI logo

The 2020 - 21 season is right around the corner!

Members looking to coach this season must have the required certifications!


Clinic Sign-up

September, 2020
2020 - 2021 Mid Isle Wildcats Information
September, 2020
NRMHA Power Play Credits
North River Minor Hockey Association logo

It's great to see the NRMHA Power Play credits going toward Player's NRMHA Registration Rates.

Hard work pays off for all our NRMHA families who participated throughout 2019 - 2020.

Just over $6,000 is being credited towards those Families registration fees.

A Big Thank you to Everyone for their Support.

September, 2020
Hockey PEI Transfer
Hockey Canada logo

Please remember if you're a minor hockey player that has recently moved into the North River Minor Hockey zone- be sure to have your Transfer completed. Registration cannot be processed until it has been approved.

Click on link for required Form

September, 2020
Jumpstart or Kidsport
North River Minor Hockey Association logo

Attention all Jumpstart or Kidsport funded players.

For all registration for NRMHA - if you will be sponsored by Kidsport or Jumpstart- you will need to email Patrick Butler to do tour registration for the upcoming 2020-2021 Season.

Please email -

September, 2020
My First Shift
Hockey PEI logo

Anyone that was interested in "My First Shift" program.... it has been delayed till January 2021.

September, 2020
Return to Play Update
North River Minor Hockey Association logo

We are all excited that September is here and with it, comes the anticipation of getting back on the ice. We know you all likely have lots of questions, and we will do our best to keep you up to date with the information as we get it.

As you may have seen on the Hockey PEI website, a phased-in approach has been approved by the Chief Public Health Office (CPHO). Phase 2 is set to begin Sept 15th. Each hockey association is required to submit their own Operational Plan to Hockey PEI prior to commencement of any activities. This process is currently underway.
We are also required to work in consultation with our facilities -- the APM and South Shore Arena - and follow any protocols they are required to implement per CPHO guidelines.

These will include, but are not limited to:

  • A maximum number of players/coaches allowed on the ice at one time
  • A maximum number of players per dressing room
  • Protocols around entering/exiting the rink
  • Restrictions on spectators - (Phase 2- is no spectators)
  • As well as the required social distancing and hand washing protocols.

As soon as our and the Facilities' Operational Plans have been finalized/approved, we will post more specific information on our website and FaceBook page.

As with everything Covid-19 related, the situation is constantly evolving and as such, we know the plan will involve continuous change/updates. We ask for your patience as we work through this.

In the interim, registration will open very shortly. We will be having online registration, with payment information/options to be announced soon. All players must register online for the 2020-2021 Season.

All Kidsport and Jumpstart funded players will need to register by emailing Patrick Butler when we open up the registration.

The registration period will be open until Sept 26th, 2020. After Sept 26th,registrations will only be accepted on an exception basis if division numbers allow it and will have a $50 late fee added to their registration for returning players

September, 2020
2020 - 2021 Mid-Isle Matrix Tryouts
August, 2020
Mid Isle Wildcats Annual General Meeting
Mid-Isle Wildcats logo

The Mid Isle Wildcats' Annual General Meeting
will be held on Monday, August 31 at 7:00PM
at the South Shore Actiplex.

All members are invited to attend.

August, 2020
NRMHA Board Openings
North River Minor Hockey Association logo

Our organization simply can not run without the dedicated help of Our volunteers. It is a rewarding experience with many different levels of participation.

The executive volunteers work year-round behind the scenes. With Covid-19 and the uncertain time for the season, we need all positions filled. These hidden heroes bring in a mix of skills that support every aspect of our organization. It is important that our executive represent all age groups and work closely as a team.

If you're interested in any of the following NRMHA Board openings or have any questions, please email Crystal at with your interest by August 23rd.

  • Initiation Program - ideally a 1st and 2nd year representative
  • Female Coordinator
  • Development Coordinator
  • Ice Coordinator
  • Matrix Representative for NRMHA

New members are always welcome!

August, 2020
Let's Show Our NRMHA Support For Tyne Valley
North River Minor Hockey Association logo

Tyne Valley has been chosen as one of the top four finalists for the Kraft Hockeyville 2020. On August 14th, starting at 9 AM ET - August 15 AT 6 PM ET, go to and cast your vote. Also, hang a jersey outside your home to show your support for Tyne Valley.

Best of luck to Tyne Valley, we hope you bring home the grand prize.

August, 2020
Annual General Meeting
North River Minor Hockey Association logo

NRMHA will be holding our Annual General Meeting on Monday, August 10th. It will be held at the APM Centre - Gym at 7:00pm.

This meeting is open for all members to attend and we encourage you to join the meeting.

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, we do ask that all members planning to attend sign up by August 9th. This will allow for us to prepare for numbers and have contact details for our attendance. Should we need to prepare a second meeting, we will email the members signed up.

Please click on link below to sign up:

August, 2020
2020 - 21 AA Coaching Applications
North River Minor Hockey Association logo

North River Minor Hockey Association is now accepting applications for AA coaches for the 2020 - 21 season.

We are interviewing for all age levels, including:

  • Under-18 (AA),
  • Under-15 (AA),
  • Under-13 (AA),
  • Under-11 (A), and
  • Under-9 (AA).

Application deadline is August 9, 2020 at 5:00PM.

Coaching application forms

August, 2020
HPEI's Return To Hockey Plan
July, 2020
2019-20 NRMHA Award Winners
North River Minor Hockey Association logo

Most Sportsmanlike Coaches

  • Lowell Stevenson
  • Grant Boswall
  • Brett Noonan
  • Brandon MacNeill
  • Aaron Anderson

Official Of the Year

  • Isaac Arsenault

Volunteer of the Year

  • Jackie Wheatley

Coach of the Year

  • John Brioux

Team of the Year

  • North River Midget A Boys Team #3

Thank you to all this season's Volunteers. Awards will be handed out at the AGM set for August 10th at the APM Center.

July, 2020
Mid-Isle Matrix Annual General Meeting
Mid-Isle Matrix logo

The Mid-Isle Matrix AGM will be July 18 at 6:00pm at the Lions Club in North Rustico.

More information:

July, 2020
Call For Mid-Isle Matrix Coaches
Mid-Isle Matrix logo

2020 - 2021 Matrix Male AAA Coaching Application

Application Due Saturday, July 18

May, 2020
Call For NRMHA Awards Nominations
North River Minor Hockey Association logo

NRMHA is now accepting nominations for the 2019/2020 for our NRMHA Hockey Awards - Each year North River Minor Hockey recognizes "winners" by awarding a plaque. This year we will be announcing our winners on Facebook at a later date.

The members of the nominating committee are requesting nominations for these awards.

  • Coach (or group of coaches) of the year,
  • Volunteer of the year, and
  • Team of the year.

We encourage you to submit a nomination for any or all of them. We feel that the input from the parents and coaches should assist with the process of giving the awards to the most deserving persons.

With each request, we ask that the person(s)include:

  • The name of the nominee,
  • The reason you are nominating this person, and
  • Name of person making the nomination.

Submissions can also be sent to

Deadline is extended until May 25th, 2020.

A big thank you to all the managers during the season - we appreciate everyone's support.

May, 2020
New Age Division Names
April, 2020
Annual General Meeting
North River Minor Hockey Association logo

Our Annual General Meeting is currently on hold - stay tuned for details on our Facebook page / and on this website.

March, 2020
Mid-Isle Matrix Major Bantam AAA Spring Development Camp - Cancelled
Mid-Isle Matrix logo

Spring Valley Building Centre
Mid-Isle Matrix Major Bantam AAA

Do to HPEI cancelation of all hockey events the
Matrix Bantam Development Camp has been cancelled.

March, 2020
Hockey Canada - Cancellation of Hockey Activity
Hockey PEI logo

Effective Friday, March 13:
all Hockey Canada-sanctioned activity for the 2019-20 season is cancelled.

The Branch Executive Directors and Presidents were advised tonight that as a result of the impact of COVID-19 and its spread across the country and around the world, Hockey Canada's Board of Directors has voted to cancel all Hockey Canada-sanctioned activity for the duration of the 2019-20 season effective Friday, March 13.

This decision impacts all of Minor, Junior and Senior hockey, Hockey Canada Accredited Schools and University Hockey - for further clarity, Provincial and Atlantic Championships at every level will not be held. High Performance activities are also cancelled at this time.

This decision is unprecedented, but it does not get made lightly - this decision was made in clear focus for the safety of the members across the country.

We recognize that there are going to be many questions and a lot of work arising out of this decision; however, we ask for your patience as we work diligently in organizing and resolving those questions. We will continue working with Hockey Canada and medical experts in monitoring the situation and continuing to provide you information where necessary.

If you have any pressing questions or concerns at this time, please contact our office.


Geoff Kowalski
Executive Director

Mike Hammill

March, 2020
Hockey Canada Statement In Response To Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Hockey Canada logo

Media Advisory

Calgary, Alberta - The following is a statement on behalf of Hockey Canada from Tom Renney, chief executive officer, and Scott Smith, president and chief operating officer, on the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

"Without question, this an unprecedented period of difficulty for the sports world. The health and safety of all participants in sport, including players, coaches, staff, officials, fans, family, volunteers and the general public, is of the utmost importance to Hockey Canada.

After much consultation with the Hockey Canada membership, our chief medical officer and public health officials, the Hockey Canada Board of Directors has made the decision to cancel all Hockey Canada-sanctioned activities, including our national championships, until further notice, effective Friday, March 13, 2020.

We recognize the tremendous effort that has been put forth all year by individuals across the country as they participate in Canada's game. Although it is difficult to process the hockey season ending abruptly, we feel this is the best course of action in order to do our part in keeping our country safe."

- 30 -

For further information or to be removed from the media contact list, please contact:

Esther MadziyaSpencer SharkeyKatie Macleod
Coordinator, CommunicationsCoordinator, CommunicationsCoordinator, Communications
Hockey CanadaHockey CanadaHockey Canada

February, 2020
Sweetheart 50/50
Sweetheart logo

Thursday - Winning ticket number is 2084 for $120.00
Congratulations to Colleen Davey who is the winner of Thursday's 50/50.

Friday - Winning ticket number is 19025 for $448.00
Congratulations to Jackie Sutherland who is the winner of Friday's 50/50.

Saturday - Winning ticket number is 22458 for $441.00
Congratulations to Stephanie MacLeod who is the winner of Saturday's 50/50.

Sunday - Winning ticket number is 44118 for $278.50
Congratulations to Bill Reeves who is the winner of Sunday's 50/50.

February, 2020
NRMHA Supportive Of Tyne Valley's Bid For Kraft Hockeyville
North River Minor Hockey Association logo

North River Minor Hockey Association gives their full support in building a new arena through the nation-wide contest.

Cornwall, PE: North River Minor Hockey Association was saddened to hear about the devastating fire in December where Tyne Valley's community sports centre was declared a total loss. The loss is more than just an ice surface, but a place where community can come together and share memories.

As a result, NRMHA is fully supportive of Tyne Valley's bid for Kraft Hockeyville, in efforts of building a new rink with the potential prize money. The association is willing to help Tyne Valley's efforts in any way possible and welcome the invitation to assist.

President of NRMHA, Caley MacDonald, said: "We understand the importance of local sports centres and their impact on a community. North River minor hockey is glad to provide support in any means necessary to ensure Tyne Valley is successful with their quest for Kraft Hockeyville."

When a community on Prince Edward Island is in need, other communities must step up to help where they can. It is the Island way of doing things and NRMHA understands that.

Tyne Valley has several ways that you can support, including using the hashtag #Rally4TheValley. There is a benefit hockey game being played on February 9th at 4:00PM which includes former NHLer Ray Bourque, being held at the Credit Union Place in Summerside. Additionally, there is an online auction currently ongoing raising funds for the new rink. It can be found at

For further information, please contact NRMHA Vice-President Sam MacPhail at .

January, 2020
2019-20 Provincial Championship Site Selections Announced
Hockey PEI logo

Provincials begin March 20

The selection process for the 2019-20 Provincial Championships has been completed. Championship titles will be sought after in arenas across the province this coming March.

"Best of luck to all teams and hosts during this year's provincial championships. Everyone has worked hard to get here and we look forward to crowning our provincial champions," said Robert MacMillan, Minor Council Chair.

Championship game time schedules will be made available on the Hockey PEI Website as regular seasons come to a close.


  • Atom March 27-29 Hockey PEI (MacLauchlan Arena)
  • Atom AA 27-29 Hockey PEI (MacLauchlan Arena)
  • Peewee A 27-29 Hockey PEI (MacLauchlan Arena)
  • Peewee AAA 27-29 Hockey PEI (MacLauchlan Arena)
  • Bantam A March 27-29 Tignish
  • Midget A March 27-29 Georgetown


  • Atom A (Tier 1) March 20-22 Souris
  • Atom A (Tier 2) March 20-22 Montague
  • Atom A March 27-29 Gulf Storm (Borden)
  • Atom AA March 20-22 Pownal
  • Peewee A (Tier 1) March 20-22 North River
  • Peewee A (Tier 2) March 20-22 Bedeque
  • Peewee AA March 27-29 Alberton
  • Pee Wee AAA March 20-22 Summerside
  • Bantam A (Tier 1) March 20-22 Sherwood
  • Bantam A (Tier 2) March 20-22 Evangeline
  • Bantam AA March 27-29 Pownal
  • Midget A (Tier 1) March 20-22 Summerside
  • Midget A (Tier 2) March 20-22 Alberton
  • Midget AA March 27-29 O'Leary

Bantam and Midget AAA (male/female) conduct a playoff elimination format.

For More Information:

January, 2020
Power Play Lottery - Bonus Draw

North River Minor Hockey Power Play

Is Back and It's your turn to score!

North River Minor Hockey Association logoNorth River Minor Hockey Association logo

Tickets $2.00

Next Draw January 2

Bonus Draw Alert !!!

5 extra draws of $100.00

Plus the regular 50/50 Draw

Please support our local hockey association by purchasing tickets

Major Association Sponsors

  • API Hockey Pros logo
  • McDonalds Canada atoMc® Hockey Banner
  • Tim Hortons logo
  • Bell logo

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