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19-20 Midget AA West Masonry Flames - Team News Archives

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February 9, 2020
30th Annual Montague Norsemen Memorial Tournament Champions

2019-20 Midget AA West Masonry Flames

October 27, 2019
This weeks schedule

Monday Practice 8:40 APM

Tuesday Exhibition game in Summerside 8:00PM

Regular season starts next week and the seasons schedule is now on the calendar.

There will be some changes as we go because as you can see we have a number of games to reschedule as will other teams. I will keep it up to date and post any changes that have been made.

We found a trainer as Steve Mahar has agreed to take on the job. Thanks Steve. If anyone has anyone wanting to do the music for home games let me know by e mail or text. If no one comes forward I will try and find someone.

One other team note, Bryce's Grandfather ( Gordons Father ) passed away today so the Wheatleys will not be around the rink this week so we can pick up team business with the manager next week please and thank you. 

October 5, 2019
Ice times
Please come to the ice time as on the schedule. I may have mislead the groups last night so just come to the proper ice time please.Sorry about that.
October 5, 2019
Try Outs

I just want to thank everyone for coming out to conditioning camps. We had a large number of players as there is a large number in Midget this year. For those that are not attending tryouts hope you all have a great season. For those attending tryouts here how things are going to work. If you have looked at the first thing I posted on the web site that will give you an idea on the commitment leval we expect from players, how much it will cost and how we run the team. We will end up playing about 45-55 games throughout the year. Nobody sits on the bench on this team as we only take 17 players. 2 Goalies 6 defence and 9 forwards. We do play situational hockey, we do have a powerplay and certain players may kill penalties but everyone will learn the stuff and everyone will be have a chance to do it in a game. Everyone gets ice time but may not all be the same amount of minutes. The last 5 minutes of the game is ours as well if we are in tight games. We as coachs know picking this TEAM is no easy task and there will be many skilled players left behind. It does not make it any eiseir that I know many of the parents and players so I hope everyone can respect the process and we all can live with the results. Good luck to all and I hope everyone has a great season. Here is the schedule and how we will go about picking the team.


Sunday Oct 6th 11:00am -12:00 A - Mac

Sunday Oct 6th 12:10 - 1:10 Mah-Z

We will get the numbers down to 30-35 skaters after this session

Sunday Oct13th 8:30pm-9:30 Intersquad game

We will get down to 30 skaters after this session and 4 goalies

Wednesday Oct 16 8:40 Intersquade game

We will get down to 8 defence 12 forwards and 3 goalies

Thursday Oct 17th 8:00-9:30 Exhibition game vs Central Attack

Team will be posted on web site by 11:30pm


If you have any questions ask me at the ring or contact me my info is under the staff tab on the web site.



David, Josh and Dustin

October 1, 2019
Update on schedule

Please check the scedule on the previous post or Calendar for an update on the breakdown of what players attend what ice times. If you have missed the online sign up just contact myself and you are still welcome to come. We have 35 skaters and 5 goalies as of now. I would ask that Bradley Chisholm and Dawson Doyle attend the Ice times with Mah - Z . See you all Wednsday.



October 1, 2019
Welcome to a New Season

Hello and Welcome to all Midget age Players and Parents From the coachs and sponsors West Masonry to a new and hopefully exciting season of Midget hockey. This is David Lank and along with my other Coachs Josh McDonald and Dustin Muttart we would like to welcome all midget age players to come out to the conditioning camps and tryouts starting next week. The idea behind conditioning camps is to let all players get on the ice for some drills and skating whether they plan to play AA or A. We will then move onto tryouts where the players will be competting for spots on the AA team. Some things to keep in mind for the players and thier families competting for the team in advance. Players are expected to attend all practices(ussually 1 a week Monday 8:40 APM ) and all games ( ussually one home game Thursday 7:30 APM and one away game ). We also go in 3 Island tournaments , one away tournament and provincials. So some extra commitment as we try to space them out so there is one tournament every month. With Midget AA our games are 1.5 hours and require the 4 man ref system so there is a bit more money required to run the team then some may be used to. Once players are selected to the team there will be a fee of $550.00 to each player to pay all fees for the year to run the team. This pays for all tournaments and all team activities. Just a heads up for those new to Midget AA. I am going to post the schedule for both conditioning camps and tryouts. The cost is $10 a session payable at the rink prior to going on the ice.

Wednesday.Oct 2nd 7:30-8:30 Conditioning Last Names A - Mac

Wednesday Oct 2nd 8:40-9:40 Conditioning Last names Mah -Z

Friday Oct 4th 7:20-8:20 Conditioning Last names Mah -Z

Friday Oct 4th 8:30-9:30 Conditioning Last Names A-Mac

Sunday Oct 6th 11:00-12:00 Tryout A -Mac

Sunday Oct 6th 12:10-1:10 Tryout Mah -Z

Cuts will be made after this tryout sesion if nessacary

Sunday Oct 13th 8:30-9:30 Inter Squade game

May be cuts made after this session

Wednesday Oct 16th 8:40-9:40 Intersquad game or Practice depending on previous session

Thursday Oct 17th 8:00-9:30 exhibition game

Team will be picked by 12:00 Thursday night


Please check back to this web site for the break down by last names for which ice sesions the players are to be on for the first 3 double sesions.

If you need to contact me my info is on this site under the coachs tab. Keep an eye on this site for any updates.



David, Josh and Dustin


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