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12-13 Novice AA Red Skye Trucking Flames - Team News Archives

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March 31, 2013
Novice AA Weekly Game & Practice Schedule

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March 30, 2013
Team Party

Thank you to everyone for an awesome year !!!!!!!   Smile

Below are the details for our end of year party.  Please return both sets of jerseys at the party.   Please have them washed and on hangers.
Date:  Saturday March 30th
Where:  Andrews Hockey & CARI
Time:  2:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Here is the breakdown of the day
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm - Andrews Hockey @ CARI for one last team training !  Kids will just need helmets, gloves, and sticks.  After that they can cool off with a swim in the pool.
4:00 pm- 5:00 pm ish - Swim @ CARI.  The team will cover the cost of the swim for the kids and coaches.  Any siblings or parents are welcome to swim as well but they will have to cover their cost.
5:00 ish - 7:00 pm ish - Pizza and cake.  We have a room @ CARI booked to have a bite to eat after the swim.  Parents and siblings are welcome and there will be enough pizza/cake for everyone.  We will also have a trophy presentation to round out the day.  Please also return both jerseys.
Thanks everyone for a great year and hope to see everyone on the 30th.

March 29, 2013
2013 Spud Novice AA Champions

2013 Spud Novice AA Champions !!!!

2012-13 Novice AA Red Skye Trucking Flames

March 8, 2013
Wrap up tournament March 8th

Division A                                                     Division B

(1st)  Summerside                                            (2nd)  North River

(3rd)  Western                                                    (4th)  Sherwood

(5th)  Charlottetown                                          (6th)  Gulf Storm

(7th)  Pownal                                                      (8th)  Kings Co.

All games will be played in Kensington

For our first game Friday, please be at the rink 45 minutes before game time and the kids have to be ready 15 minutes before the game starts just in case they are running ahead.
For Saturday's game we are the first game so the regular 30 minutes before game time will do
March 2, 2013
Off ice and classroom
Date: Saturday March 2nd
Location: East Wiltshire Junior High - located on the Kingston Road
Time: 9 am to 11 am
Please have them bring helmets, gloves, and a snack.  The format will be gym time approx 40 mins, classroom times approx 40 mins, snacks, then back to the gym.  Any questions or if someone can't make it, let me know. 
February 19, 2013
Excel hockey training

Date:  Tuesday February 19th

Time:  6:00 am to 7:15 am (One of our early morning practice times)

Where:  APM Center

Craig Jenkins will be coming in to run a session with the team

February 9, 2013
*** CANCELED ***Total team training

Canceled due to the weather.  We will try to get it in at a later date

Date:  Saturday February 9th

Time:  12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Where:  Andrews Hockey @ CARI

Please have them bring their helmets, sticks, and gloves.  They don't need their full equipment.

January 31, 2013
Spud Tournament

Some information for parents to be aware of from the host committee.  There is a fee for the weekend.

Children 17 and under are free and that passes must be presented to gain entry at each venue. Passes are available for purchase at each venue:

  • Tournament passes are $10.00 (includes program);
  • Day passes are $5.00 (individual game passes are not available);
  • Programs may be purchased for $2 each.

Throughout the Spud, game results can be found on the Standings Boards at the MacLauchlan Arena and on the Spud Website at

January 15, 2013
Team Pictures

When: Tuesday January 15th

Time: 6 am

Jerseys: Black with black socks.

The Picture Guy is coming in to do the team picture during our 6 am practice on January 15th.  All kids need to be ready @ 6 am sharp.  Bring both sets of jereys and socks just in case but for right now we are planning on using the black ones.



January 1, 2013
Happy New Year !!

Happy New Year

2013 !!! 


December 25, 2012
Merry Christmas !!




December 23, 2012
Kids / Team Pizza Christmas Party
I have booked a room at the APM center for a party for the kids before Christmas.  It will be after our home game on December 23rd.  There will be pizza and drinks for the kids.  If anyone wants to help out by brining in some Christmas goodies etc, let me know.  Just remember, no nuts or peanuts please. 
December 7, 2012
Pownal Markan Tournament Details

www Pownal Tournament Website

A hospitality suite sponsored by teams of the Pownal Minor Hockey Association will be open at the Pownal Sports Centre (upstairs) during the Tournament. Children under 12 are to be accompanied by an adult when in the hospitality area.

No admission will be charged at any games and a tournament 50/50 will be available during the tournament.

December 1, 2012
PEI Rocket hockey game - Saturday December 1st

When:  Saturday December 1st

Time:  Game time is 7 pm.  We will meet in the lobby of the Civic Center @ 6:00 pm

Vs. Victoriaville

Kids (players) get in free.  Adults $10.00 - Siblings/Kids $5.00

We will be doing a shootout during the intermission.  Please double check your hockey gear to make sure nothing is missing.  They will direct us more ie dressing rooms, the night of the game when we get there.  Information from the Rockets

"The Shooting for the Stars is a breakaway challenge during the intermission. We usually ask the players to meet next to the Will Call window in the main lobby around 6:00PM game night and we pull their gear into the alleyway in front of the Memorabilia Room.  Once we have everyone gathered together we will have one of our volunteers escort the kids down to their rooms at approximately 6:20PM.  Players need their entire gear and will be getting dressed in Rooms 5&6.

The breakaway shoot out will take place during the 1st intermission prior to the flood.  After the competition you will be able to leave the gear in the dressing rooms and watch the rest of the game!"


November 27, 2012
Away game - Tuesday Nov 27th Vs. Gulf Storm

Away game Vs. Gulf Storm

Where:  Kensington

Time:  6:20 pm

November 24, 2012
Early Bird semi final 2 - Saturday Nov 24th
We will be playing at 5:20 today at the APM vs Summerside.  Please be at the rink around 4:30 in case they are running ahead.  Please respond back so I know it was received
Sorry it took so long. They were waiting for a game result that started at 12:30
November 22, 2012
Early Bird Tournament
Early Bird Schedule - The coaches would like the kids at the games 30 minutes before game time please.  Make sure they have both sets of jerseys and socks.  Some notes from the Early Bird committee

www Early Bird Tournament Website

1) There will be an admission charge at the door. A weekend pass is $5.00 or $3.00 per day.   Kids under 18 are free
2)  The tournament hosts a pancake breakfast on Saturday morning from 8:00 - 10:30 am at the hall next to Cody Banks arena. Everyone is welcome, tickets are available at the door.
3) The tournament provides a hospitality room for everyone upstairs at Cody Banks arena. Even if your not scheduled to play a game there, you are invited to stop by and enjoy some Island hospitality throughout the weekend.
4) The City of Charlottetown is hosting a Christmas parade on Saturday, November 24. This may affect some teams travelling to and from arenas as some streets are closed for the parade.
Thursday 22nd @ Cody Banks - 4:30 pm Vs. Sherwood
Friday 23rd @ Borden - 9:15 am Vs. Western
Saturday 24th @ APM Center - 8:00 am Vs. Pownal
Saturday 24th Semi 1 @ APM Center - 4:10 pm
Saturday 24th Semi 2 @ APM Center- 5:25 pm
Sunday 25th Cody Banks - 8:00 am
November 18, 2012
Double header away games - Sunday Nov 18th Vs. Pownal & Kings County

1.  Away game Vs. Pownal Red Devils

Where:  Pownal

Time:  2:00 pm

2.  Away game Vs. Kings County

Where:  Souris

Time:  6:30 pm

**** Note the change in rink and time for our second game ****

November 16, 2012
UPEI Panthers hockey game - Friday Nov 16th

When:  Friday Novermber 16th

Time:  Game time is 7 pm.  We will meet in the lobby at Cari @ 6:30 pm

Vs. Acadia Axemen

Kids (players) get in free.  Make sure they have the pass I gave out to them at the rink for them to get in free.  They need to show that to get in for free.  Have the kids wear their Black jerseys.

Adults $12.00

November 15, 2012
Extra practice - Thursday Nov 15th @ Crapaud

Where: Crapaud

Time: 4:40 pm to 5:40 pm

November 11, 2012
Home game - Sunday Nov 11th Vs. Charlottetown

Home game Vs. Charlottetown Abbies

Where:  APM Center

Time:  2:40 pm

50/50 - Crosby Andrews

November 10, 2012
Away game - Saturday Nov 10th Vs. Charlottetown

Away game Vs. Charlottetown Abbies

Where:  Simmons

Time:  4:15 pm

November 4, 2012
Home game - Sunday Nov 4th Vs. Gulf Storm

Home game Vs. Gulf Storm

Where:  APM Center

Time:  2:40 pm

50/50 - Jordan Mahar

November 3, 2012
Cornwall Thunder game

The Superior Thunder will be Hosting the Nova Scotia "Weeks Major Midgets" on Saturday, Nov 3 at 4:30PM.

With game time set for the afternoon it is a great opportunity for young minor hockey players to watch some of the best Midget players on PEI.

We are offering free admission to all minor hockey players wearing their team jerseys. In cooperation with the APM Center treat bags will be offered free to those players in attendance. With additional treats to those generating the most enthusiasm.

If there is enough interest to go as a team, we can meet in the lobby @ 4 pm.  Let me know at tonights game in Sherwood.

November 2, 2012
Away game - Friday Nov 2nd Vs. Sherwood

Away game Vs. Sherwood Falcons

Where:  Cody Banks

Time:  7:00 pm

October 31, 2012
Happy Halloween


October 28, 2012
Home game - Sunday Oct 28th Vs. Summerside

Home game Vs. Summerside

Where:  APM Center

Time:  2:40 pm

50/50 - Keefe Marshall

October 26, 2012
Away game - Friday Oct 26th Vs West Prince

Away game Vs. Western Warriors

Where:  O'Leary

Time:  6:40 pm

October 21, 2012
Exhibition home game - Sunday Oct 21st

Home game Vs. Pownal

Where:  APM Center

Time:  2:40 pm

50/50 - Myles Grant

Please be at the rink minimum 30 minutes before game time

October 18, 2012
Exhibition away game - Thursday Oct 18th

Away game Vs. Pownal

Where: Pownal

Time: 6:30 pm

We are asking all players to be there early so we can hand out the jerseys.  Please be at the rink by 5:45 pm.

October 14, 2012
Parents meeting - Sunday @ APM - 4:00 pm

Hello Everyone,

 My name is Stephen Mahar and I will be the Manager this year for the Novice AA team.  I am sure it will be a great year.  We will be having a parents meeting on Sunday October 14th after our ice time.  We would like at least one parent/guardian to be present as the coaches will be going over information for the year.  While the parents are meeting, we have the gym booked for the kids to play.  They will require helmets and gloves.

Time - 4:00 pm

Thanks everyone and see you Sunday


October 14, 2012

Sunday October 14th @ 2:40 pm

October 6, 2012
Novice AA Tryouts

NRMHA Flames Novice AA Tryouts


Tryouts :

The Novice AA tryout process is a follows:

  • Tryout #1 Sat. October 6, 9:00 am - 10:00 am (Mad – Z) – ½ practice / ½ scrimmage 

                                                10:10 am to 11:10 am - (A – Mac) – ½ practice / ½ scrimmage

          Due to the large number of players and the fact there is only one ice time for tryout #2, tryout #2 will be by invitation. Players invited to attend tryout #2 will be posted on this webpage.

  • Tryout #2 Sunday, October 7 – 3:50 pm to 4:50 pm – approx ¼ practice and ¾ scrimmage

          Players invited to attend tryout # 3 will be posted on the this webpage. 

  • Tryout #3 Monday, October 8 – 5:10 pm to 6:10 pm – approx ½ practice and ½ scrimmage


  • Tryout #4 Wednesday, October 10 – 5:10 pm to 6:10 pm – Intersquad game

            Final roster will be posted on this webpage.

Cost is $8 per Tryout

Thank you for participating in the Novice AA tryouts.


Season Expectations:

  • Tournaments: The team is planning to be in 3-4 tournaments (on-island).
  • Practices: The team will practice every Tuesday at 6:00 am.  The team also has a practice time in Crapaud each Friday pm. There may be 5-10 additional practices during the season, depending on the team’s schedule. This is a Rep-team and all players are expected to be practices during the season.
  • Off-ice activities: The team will also be participating in a variety of off-ice team activities which may include ball hockey, swimming, a PEI Rocket game, and other team activities. 
  • Finances: Additional costs (such as tournaments, Rep fees, extra ice times, team events, etc) will
    be covered by additional fees per player. In the past, these have ranged between $200 -300 per player.

Good luck to all players at this year’s tryouts and have an exciting, enjoyable, and rewarding hockey season.

Kevin Andrews

September 27, 2012
NRMHA Novice Conditioning 2012

Please see below for the times for the Novice Conditioning Camps:

Thursday, September 27, 2012 - A to Mac - 5:10pm to 6:10pm

                                                     Mad to Z - 6:20pm to 7:20pm

Tuesday, October 2, 2012 -        Mad to Z - 5:10pm to 6:10pm

                                                      A to Mac - 6:20pm to 7:20pm

Thursday, October 4, 2012 -       A to Mac - 5:10pm to 6:10pm

                                                       Mad to Z - 6:20pm to 7:20pm

                    No need to pre-register - attend at the appropriate time slot

  • Cheques should be made payable to the APM Centre
  • Prices
       3 conditioning $24
    • Individual sessions $10

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