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March 18, 2013
NR West Masonry Flames, What A Season!!!!

2012-13 Midget A West Masonry Flames Team 1
Midget A West Masonry Flames
2013 HPEI
Provincial Champions

On behalf of Greg and I, we would like to thank our players for being the best that they can be. They proved that staying positive, focussed, working as a team and shear determination can bring you to your goal. You have worked extremely hard, over coming many hurdles along our journey to the Provincials and then becoming the very deserving Provincial champions.

We believe each one of you on the ice, on the bench and in our dressing room what ever your roll, all played a huge part in making our team succeed. Never did you get down, never did you quit and never did any of you stop playing and being part of our team on and off the ice.

We believed in you all from the onset, we new we had the horses to run the race and no matter the goal in mind nothing was burning out our flame.

When you stop and reflect on what you/we as a team did this past year: finishing 2nd in our division, winning in the Pownal tournament that involved 24 teams, half of which being from off island and then finishing up this weekend with a never quit overtime victory in the crossovers against Montague, just to reach the finals to meet a team that had one lose all year and find that inner strength and determination to win was an unbelievable feeling for each one of us and one I will remember for some time to come.

To Braden, Shane, Morgan and Cameron we wish you well in your hockey and life adventures down the road. To the rest of the team that are left to come back again for another year of playing Midget hockey, all the best next season.

Together you have made us all very, very proud!!!!

To the parents of our team, thank you for giving Greg and I the opportunity to coach your young men. They came to the rink ready to play for their team and each other. They conducted themselves very professional on and off the ice. To win this season was awesome, however, the fact that we had such a great group of kids and that we as much as them learned from each other, life skills.

To all keep burning the flame. Hard work does pay off.

Congratulations to all of you, it has been our honour and pleasure to be part of such a great group of players, parents and families!!!

March 11, 2013
Our Provincial Weekend Schedule


All games are at the Montaque Wellness Centre Arena;

Friday March 15 vs. Charlottetown # 2 at 3:15 pm

Saturday March 16 vs. Sherwood # 3 at 11:15 pm

Saturday March 16 vs. Tyne Valley at 4:15 pm

Participants for the Crossover and Finals are to be determined and played on Sunday.

Need to be ready to go on the ice at least 30 minutes prior to game time.

Let's go and finish the job,   Go Flames!!!!

February 25, 2013

Congradulations to the West Masonry North River Midget Flames. In a tournament that involved 24 midget teams and 6 divisions, including 11 teams from the mainland. The flames regrouped after an initial game 1 loss to Montague (3 - 2) to rebound and post 5 straight wins. The flames defeated Hampton (8 - 0) and Cole Harbour (7 - 3) in the qualfying round, then meet the Truro Blackcats in the quarter finals and won by a 4 - 2 score. In this game we lost a key player, Ben Conklin, to a concussion.

On Sunday we played a team from Lancaster who took the lead early 1 - 0, then the Flames found their legs and went on to win this semi-final round 6 - 2. The stage was then set for the Finals,  Flames vs. Sherwood Falcons who have gone 5 - 0 in previous games.

In the final game the Flames came out hard and with determination in their hearts and eyes defeated the Falcons 4 - 1, to win the Tournament.

Special thanks to AP Blake Thomsen coming up and helping us out for our 2 Sunday games. Our team played as a team worked hard and deserved this victory and this tournament. They were not taking no for an answer.

North River West Masonry Flames, WELL DONE!!!


February 24, 2013
2013 Pownal Tournament Champions

2012-13 Midget A West Masonry Flames Team 1

February 18, 2013
Monday's Game In Alberton

Hi all,

Due to poor weather and road conditions this game has been cancelled. It has been rescheduled to Saturday March 9 @ 5:40 pm.

See you all in Summerside tomorrow for our 8:15 game vs S'side # 1.


February 17, 2013
Tonights Game

Evangeline has called and cancelled tonights game. We are going to have a scrimmage instead. Please bring your team sweater for team Picture.



February 13, 2013
Couple Of Items For This Week!!

We will be having a Ball Hockey game at the APM tonight (Wednesday) from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. Should be fun!!


Remember when we use to have those fun 6 am practices when you were younger,  well they are back for this week only!! With the way our schedule was drawn up with no games and as a result of the Sweetheart Tournament, ice time is at a premium.

if you are able to get to the APM Friday for 6 am and if you should need a ride home after practice, we will make sure they you get a ride home.

Thanks to you all for making this practice possible. We realize that the time is not favourable to everyone but with being off the ice for what would be the best part of 2 weeks this Sunday and having 3 games back to back starting Sunday with Evangeline we felt we needed to do this.

Regarding tonight, ball hockey game at the APM gym we are charging $5.00 and should there be any money left over it will be turned over to Ron Kelly our Treasurer for further team stuff.

Thanks again,



February 9, 2013
Upcoming Week

As of now we have no hockey till next Sunday Feb.16,(Long lay off) when we play the 1st place team vs. Evangreline. Lets be ready!!

See you at the rink!!


February 4, 2013
Away Game in Evangeline @ 6:30 PM Wednesday

Hi All,

Regarding this week, we have a big game in Evangeline against the 1st place Western Division Evangeline Flyers. Last I looked we are were in 2nd, so this should be a great test for our squad. With this in mind the game is early, 6:30 pm game time. Hopefully we will be able to have all players available on Wednesday. Should anyone require a ride, please let Greg, Ronota or myself no. Also, should you be unable to attend please advise,
Thanks, Garry
January 15, 2013
O'Leary Game

Just a reminder that we have a game Wednesday (tomorrow) night @ 9 pm in O'Leary.

See all of you then!!!


January 13, 2013
A Big Thank You To All!!!

Just wanted to say thanks to each one of you for your hard work on (players) and of (parents) the ice. This weekend could not of been such a success without each one of you doing your part. From good hard fought clean hockey to to clean dishes after all the food was distrubuted.

Special thanks to Ronota for all your time, effort and coordination.

This is why we are a team, we all work well together on and off the ice.

Many thanks,

Garry / Greg


PS: Please check our Calendar (above) for this weeks hockey action!

January 8, 2013
Busy Week!!!

We will have a busy week beginning Thursday with our own full ice practice in Crapaud @ 8:10 pm. Hopefully most of you can make it.

Friday we play NR # 2 @ 8:40 pm APM

Saturday and Sunday is our Home series against KV from New Brunswick. We will play at 7:40 pm Saturday at the APM and then again in Crapaud at 11:50 am. on Sunday. Sunday's game will be followed by a pot luck in the Crapaud Arena hospotality room.

Should be fun, see you at the rink!!!

January 2, 2013
Hockey This Week

Happy New Year,

Hope you all had a great beginning to 2013. Just a reminder of our practice Thursday in Crapaud @ 8:10 pm and then we have a home game this Sunday. Thanks for a great 2012, looking forward to 2013 and us continuing to improve as a team on and off the ice. Lets do our best and see what happens!!

See you at the rink....


December 30, 2012
Great Tournament Guys

Thanks for your effort over the weekend. You all worked extremely hard. You can take some pride in the fact that we were the only team that came as close as we did against Evangeline (who had their full squad, and ended up winning the tournament). With a little luck it could of went our way. If we can get to meet them again with our full team I no we can get that well deserved W!!! 


December 24, 2012
Merry Christmas

Like to wish all players/parents/famalies all the best over the holidays!!!! Take time to recharge your batteries and enjoy your time together.

We will see you on Thursday at the CARI (George Trainor Tournament) Game time 7 pm.


All the best!!!!

December 20, 2012
December 20, 2012: Welcome to 1st Place Flames

Welcome to 1st place team!!! We have played a couple more games them Evangeline, but for now here we are. Keep up the good work!!

Check it out here:


December 20, 2012
December 20, 2012: Welcome to 1st Place Flames

Welcome to 1st place team!!! We have played a couple more games them Evangeline, but for now here we are. Keep up the good work!!

Check it out here:


December 20, 2012
December 20, 2012: Welcome to 1st Place Flames

Welcome to 1st place team!!! We have played a couple more games them Evangeline, but for now here we are. Keep up the good work!!

Check it out here:


December 20, 2012
Practice Reminder

Just a reminder to all that we have practice tonight in Crapaud @ 8:10 pm. Team# 2 has a game tonight so it will be a full ice practice.




December 17, 2012
Our On-Line Calendar

Our on-line Calendar above is now available. At this point in time all updates and changes have been made. So with this in mind, this should be our go to for games/practices/tournaments. If you should see anything you may question please advise, Greg, Ronota or myself.

Thanks, Garry


December 14, 2012
Thanks to all!!!!

We had a great turn out this morning at the CBC. Our team raised $245.00 and provided 13 turkeys to the drive. Players all came wearing their white hockey sweaters to make the donation. Scott Perry and Cameron Matheson spoke on behalf of our team. Players and parents should be very proud of your team, you have just ensured that at least 13 families on PEI will have a turkey dinner to enjoy this Christmas.

Again thanks to all, West Masonry North River Midget A Flames you are making a difference in your community on and off the ice.

Merry Christmas

CBC Turkey Drive

December 13, 2012
Friday and CBC

Great game last night in Tyne Valley Flames. "Solid team effort by all!!!"

Tonight we have our normal 8:10 practice in Crapaud

Regarding Friday, we would like all players who can make it to the CBC on University Avenue tomorrow morning tp meet outside in the parking lot at 7:30 am.. Please wear your white team sweaters and we will walk in as a team to make our turkey donation. Should anyone require a ride in or to the school please let either Ronota, Greg or myself no. We will for sure have a couple of vehicles heading to Bluefield to help take anyone who may need a ride.

Thanks, Garry


December 10, 2012
Upcoming Week!!!

Hi all,

We have busy a week coming up:

Wednesday in Tyne Valley @ 8:30 pm

Thursday, Practice in Crapaud 8:10 - 9:10 pm

Saturday, home game 6:20 pm @ APM vs Tignish (makeup game)

Sunday, regular APM 8:30 home game time vs. Alberton

As well, as Ronota has e-mailed we are hoping to take our money and purchase as many turkeys as posible for the CBC Turkey drive. Friday all players who are available will meet at the CBC in Charlottetown with your white sweaters on to make our team donation. If you are able to drop your son of we will have a couple of vehicles, Ronota and my own,providing a drive for anyone who may require a ride to Bluefield. Thanks to you all for making this donation possible.

See you at the rink,


December 3, 2012

Just a reminder as per earlier discussions.

We are hoping that our team, can make a donation to the CBC Turkey Drive later this month. Again this is not compulsory, just one avenue for our kids to participate in giving to others during this Christmas season. As you are aware every little bit helps, anything from loose change on up. We are all certainly aware that there is a real need, especially at this time of the year.

Players/Parents can forward (if they wish) any amount they would like to either Greg, Ronota or myself. At the end of the day hopefully we, as a team, will have helped someone in our island community to have a merrier Christmas season.

Thanks to all for considering this initiative.


November 26, 2012
Next Game Day - Wednesday

Our next game will be this Wednesday at the APM @ 8:30 vs. North River #2. See you then!!!





November 24, 2012
Sunday's Game

Just a reminder to all that we have a game, Sunday Nov. 25, APM @ 8:30 pm.

The game is against Summerside # 2.

Expecting a full lineup. Should you not be able to attend please advise ASAP.

See you at the rink!!!


Thanks, Garry



November 12, 2012
Team Sweaters / Full Ice Practice Thursday

A couple of items regarding our team sweaters. As previously discussed in order to keep our uniforms in good condition, we are requesting all players to hang your Jerseys (Home and Away) up on hangers and not putting them in your kit bag. (I believe for the most part you have done this)

The other item is only A or C are allowed on the sweaters. Please, no player name or other sponsors lettering.  

Regarding our Captain and Assistant captains nominations, we will be requesting players input on Thursday at our practice in Crapaud.

Players are reminded that this will be ice time strictly for our team only. (Team # 2 has a regular season game)

November 9, 2012
Bus For Sunday's Tignish Game

We have confirmed a bus for this Sunday's game in Tignish. All players, parents, etc. are asked to be at the APM no later then 3 pm.. There will be a $35.00 total cost for each player, which will include parents/family. (The balance owing will be taken from upcoming revenue).

This will be a great opportunity for our players/parents to get better acquainted and hopefully relax as we head for Tignish and our 1st regular season game. At this point in time I believe we will have our full team present, which is awesome!!!

See you on Sunday.

Garry, 393-3175

November 7, 2012
Tignish Game Time Change


This Sunday (Nov 11) our game in Tignish will be at 5:50 pm, an hour earlier then previouly noted.

Thanks, Garry

November 5, 2012
Practice Thursday Crapaud 8 PM

Just a reminder that we have practice Thursday @ 8 PM in Crapaud. See you there!!!

Our 1st league game is @ 6:50 pm in Tignish. Details regarding bus will be provided at a later time.

November 2, 2012
Sunday's Game and Parents/Players Meeting

We will have an exhibition game this weekend at the APM @ 8:30 pm vs. Pownal.

We are also going to have immediately following Sunday's game a Parents / Players meeting in our dressing room. Hopefully at that time we will have a regular season schedule to forward as well as discuss a number of other topics. At this point in time I have only heard from one player/family who will not be able to attend Sundays game. See you all at the rink on Sunday!!

Thanks, Garry.

368-7090 / cell 393-6175, e-mail:

October 30, 2012
Thursday Practice

Thursday Practice at 8 pm in Crapaud. All players are asked to be in attendance. Should you be unable to attend please advise Garry 393-6175 / 368-7090 or Greg 393-3862.

Regular season schedule should be out within the next week. Unsure at this point which direction we will be heading East or West division. (Maybe there will be a central division??) Will let you no when we no.


October 28, 2012
Game tonight @ 8:30 pm APM

NR Team #1,
Braden Muttart, Zack Allen, Cameron Matheson, Shane Baglole, Ben Conklin, Ryan
Lidstone, Morgan MacNeil, Dan MacLachlan, Chandler Leard, Colin Kelly, Scott
Perry, Dylan Gavin, Ben West, Cole Maceachern, Ryan Main.

The above players are asked to be at the rink ready to go on the ice 10 minutes prior to game time. Anyone not able to attend please advise Greg (393-3862) or myself (393-6175 /

Thanks, Garry


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