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NRMHA Power Play 50/50 Lottery FAQ

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What are these Power Play tickets?

NRMHA has decided to try a new way to fundraise with the ultimate goal to lower registration costs. Over the course of 20 weeks beginning October 14th, there will be a draw every Sunday evening at 5:00 done via our Facebook page (give us a like would ya)! For our new 50/50 style NRMHA POWER PLAY DRAW!

Where can I drop off the tickets?

Every Saturday Morning between 9:00 AM-Noon in the lobby of the APM Centre there will be a drop off area where you can drop off tickets.

Can tickets be dropped off early?

Yes and No. You can only drop off tickets on Saturday Morning between 9:00 AM-Noon, but you can drop off all 20 weeks worth of tickets during that time. Tickets will only be collected Saturday mornings by the fundraising committee.

Do you accept e-transfer?

Yes, e-transfers will be accepted until Friday at midnight, however your ticket stubs still need to be handed in Saturday Morning in order to be included in the weekly draw. All e-transfers must be sent to

How many tickets are needed to be sold in order to make a profit?

Ideally the more you sell the better it is for everyone, the higher the draw the more interest it will gauge. But, ideally in order to make a profit we need every player registered to sell five books of tickets above and their prepaid yellow tickets.

If I don't drop my tickets off on time this week can I put two weeks worth of tickets in the following week?

Yes if you miss a week's draw you can drop off two tickets for the following week. If you are able to sell someone multiple weeks worth of tickets you can drop them off all at once. Just make sure you indicate the different weeks on the tickets and we will separate them for you. If you forget to indicate the week we will put the tickets in the current week's draw.

How Much will the draw be worth?

With a 50/50 style draw it will vary from week to week. No guaranteeing pot at this time.

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