NRMHA Power Play 50/50 Lottery Policy

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NRMHA has committed to a 50/50 lottery program. This lottery is intended to raise funds for the association. The association will use these lottery proceeds to offset a portion of the operational expenses and members will benefit directly from the lottery through reduced membership fees.

  1. Lottery Schedule
    1. There will be 20 lottery draws.
    2. The date for the first draw will be set before the season starts. This date has been selected as: October 17th , 2019
    3. Draws during the Christmas holidays may differ depending on the day of the week the holidays occur.
  2. Tickets
    1. Tickets will be numeric with 20 tickets per book
    2. A maximum of 5 books can be signed out at a time.
    3. Members can pick up and sell tickets as soon as registration is confirmed.
    4. Tickets can be picked up at hockey registration and during collection times.
    5. Sellers are to treat their assigned tickets like cash.
    6. NRMHA will record all ticket numbers issued to each player.
    7. Sellers will be required to return any unsold tickets during the final collection period.
    8. NRMHA will reconcile the number of tickets issued, the number of tickets sold and the number of unsold tickets.
    9. The seller will be responsible to reimburse NRMHA for any discrepancy between the amount of sold and returned tickets compared to the number of tickets issued.
    10. Each missing ticket will be valued at $2.00.
    11. Proceeds from missing tickets will be allocated to the following year's first draw.
    12. We are unable to accept pennies, nickels, dimes or quarters.
  3. Player Rewards
    1. The sellers name must clearly be identified on each ticket. $0.50 per ticket will be kept in an account per player/family and any accumulated funds will go towards the following years registration.
      1. In the event the player will not be returning any monies accumulated will be paid out the following October.
    2. Any balance in a players account can be transferred to Wildcats or Matrix balances.
    3. Player account balances can be requested at any time with a 7-day turnaround time frame.
  4. Retail Stores and Places of Business:
    1. Local businesses will be solicited to sell tickets on behalf of NRMHA.
  5. Collection Office
    1. The lottery office will be located at the APM Centre.
    2. Collection times will be posted on the NRMHA website and Lottery Facebook page.
    3. Lottery draws will be posted live on the Lottery Facebook page and results will also be posted on the NRMHA website.
    4. Winner will be notified at the time of draw.
    5. If the week number is not indicated on the ticket, it will be assumed for current weeks draw.

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