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November 4, 2018
Novice Ice times for Nov.5th-Nov.11th

Monday, November 5th- 4:40 pm Crapaud 
The Sharks (Team Blue- Donnie)
Team Red (Shawn)
Monday, November 5th- 5:10 pm APM
Girls (Kurt)
Team Black (Chris)
Thursday, November 8th- 4:00 pm APM
Team Black (Chris)
Team Red (Shawn)
Saturday, November 10th- 7:00 am APM
Girls (Kurt)
The Sharks (Team Blue- Donnie)
Saturday, November 10th- 12:40 pm APM
Team Red (Shawn)
Team Black (Chris)
Sunday, November 11th- 3:20 pm Crapaud
Team Red (Shawn)
Team Black (Chris)

October 29, 2018
Novice Ice times for Oct.29-Nov.3

Monday, October 29th- 4:40 pm Crapaud
Team Black (Chris McCourt)
Team Red (Shawn McCarthy)
Monday, October 29th- 5:10 pm APM 
Team Blue (Donnie McKinnon)
Girls Novice (Kurt Duncan)
Thursday, November 1st- 4:00 pm APM
Team Blue (Donnie McKinnon)
Girls Novice (Kurt Duncan)
Saturday, November 3rd- 7:00 am APM
Team Blue (Donnie McKinnon)
Team Red (Shawn McCarthy)
Saturday, November 3rd- 12:40** APM  
Team Black (Chris McCourt)
Girls Novice (Kurt Duncan)

October 25, 2018
Novice A- team lists for Saturday (4:10 pm APM)

Team Red:
Mason Gallant jersey #2
Isaac MacNevin jersey #3
Taite Wooldridge jersey #5
Hudson Fletcher jersey #6
Ben Dennis jersey #7
Cody MacMillan jersey #8
Noah Campbell jersey #9
Cole Hood jersey #10
Simon Morash jersey #11
Colm Mansour jersey #12
Emery McCourt jersey #30 (goalie)
Team Orange:
William Perry jersey #3
Calum Marshall jersey #4
 Levi McKinnon jersey #5
Nash Osbourne jersey #6
Danny Gu jersey #7
Declan MacKenzie jersey #8
Chase Storey jersey #9
Drew Corke jersey #10
Mason Proud jersey #11
Jackson McMurrer jersey #17 (goalie)
Keegan Casey jersey #18 (goalie)
Team Green: 
Kaiden Davis jersey #2
Ryan Burnley jersey #5
Luke McKenna jersey #7
Charly Spence jersey #10
Ryder Perry jersey #11
Eric Lively jersey #12
Carter MacDonald jersey #14
Dylan Cavanagh jersey #15
Benjamin Pearson jersey #16
Andrew McCarthy jersey #17
Jac Loughran jersey #20 (goalie)

Team White: 
Sam Dowling jersey #1
William Dooks jersey #2
Sam Wood jersey #3
Quintin Annema jersey #4
Nolan Clark jersey #6
Lucas Wolfe jersey #7
Emery Bruce jersey #9
Mathis Fast jersey #10
William Creighton jersey #12
Aidan Connolly jersey #13
Wyatt Csernyik jersey #17 (goalie) 

October 24, 2018
Novice girls ice times

Here are the upcoming ice times for the Novice girls: 
Friday, October 26th at 4:00 pm at APM
Saturday, October 27th at 7:00 am at APM
Monday, October 29th at 5:10 pm at APM 



October 24, 2018
Novice A Boys


The next ice time for the Novice A boys will be Saturday (Oct. 27th) at 4:10 pm at the APM Centre.
This is an ice time for players- the players will be divided into 4 teams and they will scrimmage  (1/2 ice) for the hour.   Our coaches will use this hour to evaluate the kids in order to divide them into three equal teams.
Saturday scrimmage teams will be emailed out later this week (and posted here). The coaches will be meeting after the Saturday ice time to finalize the teams and you will receive an email Saturday night letting you know which team your child is on, as well as the practice schdule for the next 2-3 weeks.
October 17, 2018
Novice Girls

This year we will have 1 Novice girls team.  


The first ice time for the team will be Saturday, October 20th at 12:40 pm 

(this is a shared ice time with the Atom girls team)


The team will also practice on Friday, October 26th at 4:00 pm

(this is a shared ice time with the Atom girls team)

October 17, 2018
Novice A hockey

Our regular season of hockey will get under way on Saturday, October 20th.


Here are the ice times for Saturday: 

All players with last names A-MAD will be on at 10:20 am.
All players with last names MAE-Z will be on at 11:30 am.


Novice A will also practice Monday, October 22nd:


All players with last names A-MAD will be on at 4:00 pm.
All players with last names MAE-Z will be on at 5:10 pm.

October 10, 2018
Novice AA tryout teams

Here are the teams for this weekend's Novice AA tryouts: 

Team RED:
Jonah MacDonald jersey #2
Alistair MacDonald jersey #3
Charly Spence jersey #5
Noah Campbell jersey #6
Cole Hood jersey #7
Elliot Delaney jersey #8
Colin Pendergast jersey #9
Jesslyn Gorveatt jersey #10
Luke McKenna jersey #11
Quintin Annema jersey #12
Payton Crozier goalie

Daniel Pigeon  jersey #2
Gavin MacDonald jersey #5
Andrew McCarthy jersey #7
Braiden Rossiter         jersey #10
Drew Corke jersey #11
Sam Wood jersey #12
Ben Pearson jersey #14
Danny Gu jersey #15
Ryder Perry         jersey #16
Chase Storey jersey #18
Jace Larter         goalie
Jac Loughran         goalie

Simon Morash         jersey #3
Geordon Frizzell         jersey #4
Colm Mansour jersey #5
Calum Marshall  jersey #6
Emery Bruce jersey #7
Ty MacNeill jersey #8
Jackson McMurrer jersey #9
Dylan Cavanagh jersey #10
Isaac MacNevin jersey #11
Drew Doucette jersey #14
Keegan Casey goalie

Team WHITE: 
William Dooks jersey #2
Ibrahim Peters         jersey #3
Owen Livingston jersey #6
Grayson MacAdam jersey #7
Kinley Duncan jersey #9
Sam Dowling jersey #10
James Chai jersey #12
Colton McMurrer jersey #13
Kayla Mills jersey #14
Wyatt Csernyik goalie

October 10, 2018
Novice AA tryouts

Here are the dates for the first two Novice AA tyrouts: 

Saturday, October 13th at 8:40 am

Sunday, October 14th at 2:40 pm


There is a fee of $10 per tryout ice time- money will be collected prior to the begining of each ice time. 

There will be a cut following the Sunday ice time.  The list of players asked to continue will be posted on the Novice AA team page.  Those players will be asked to attend the following ice times: 

Thursday, October 18th at 5:10 pm

Friday, October 19th at 4:00 pm 

October 5, 2018
Novice AA Conditioning- Group 1


Group 1:
Saturday, October 6th 7:20 am
Sunday, October 7th 6:20 pm
William Dooks
Kinley Duncan
Levi McKinnon
Ben Dennis
Carter MacDonald
Declan MacKenzie
Ryan Burnley
William Creighton
Taite Wooldridge
Will Perry
Johah MacDonald
Keegan Casey
Luke McKenna
Owen Livingston
Sam Dowling
Sam Wood
Ryder Perry
Simon Morash
Jessalyn Gorveatt
Kayla Mills
Payton Crozier
Isaac MacNevin
Chase Storey
Danny Gu
Quintin Annema
Tory MacKenzie


October 5, 2018
Novice AA Conditioning- Group 2

Group 2: 
Saturday, October 6th 8:30 am
Sunday, October 7th 7:30 pm 

Elliott Delaney
Drew Doucette
Andrew McCarthy
Colin Mansour
Noah Campbell
Ty MacNeill
Ben Pearson
Charly Spence
Alistair MacDonald
Gavin MacDonald
Braiden Rossiter
Calum Marshall
Cole Hood
Colin Pendergast
Colton McMurrer
Danny Gu
Drew Corke
Dylan Cavanagh
Emery Bruce
Geordon Frizzell
Grayson MacAdam
Ibrahim Peters
Jac Loughran
Jace Larter
Jackson McMurrer
Wyatt Csernyik 
James Chai 

October 3, 2018
Novice AA Conditioning Times

All groups will be posted on this page (and emailed out) by Friday morning (October 5th).


Here are the conditioning ice times: 


Saturday, October 7th

Group 1- 7:20 am

Group 2- 8:30 am


Sunday, October 8th

Group 1- 6:20 pm

Group 2- 7:30 pm 

October 1, 2018
Novice AA conditioning/tryouts sign-up
The conditioning and tryouts are open to all Novice players- there is an additional cost for both ($10 an ice time). Your player can attend just the conditioning, just the tryouts or both- it’s up to you!  Payment for each ice time will be collected the day of the ice times.

In order to try to balance the ice times with an equal number of skaters for each ice time, all interested players are asked to sign up through the Google Document link below by Thursday, October 4th.  Once the names are all submitted I will sent out an email to let you know which group your player is in.  Here is the sign-up link:  




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