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October 24, 2016
Pre-season Game Scheduled

We have a pre-season game planned for Thursday, Oct. 27th at our regular home ice time (7:30 pm) against the Evangeline/Tyne Valley/O'leary team.

October 19, 2016
Pre-Season Game Scheduled

An Exhibition game is now confirmed for tomorrow.

Game time is 7:30 pm at APM Centre

Visiting team will be the Eastern Zone Team (Souris/Georgetown/Morell/Montague) 

October 19, 2016
Parent Meeting

Parent meeting is scheduled for 6:30 PM upstairs of the APM Centre (Sports Office) Thursday, October 20th.

Please ensure a representative for each player is present for this meeting.

Please bring Health Card info along so Hockey PEI Player Forms can be completed.

See everyone tomorrow.

October 15, 2016
This weeks hockey

Monday Players meeting 7:45-8:00 APM upstairs in the class room. We will wait for those playing soccer and vollyball. We will be picking jerseys.

           Practice 8:40 APM

Tuesday 7:30 game at Cody Banks vs Sherwood

Thursday Parents meeting APM time to be posted later

Thursday 7:30 APM hopefully exebition game.




October 13, 2016
Roster for Midget AA 2016

Ryan Clory

Connor Chapman

Cody Jay

Connor Reardon

Rowan Walsh

Garett MacDougal

Connor Gauthier

Griffen Hughes

Carter Worth

Matt Lank

Cameron Lank

Owen Hendregan

Ethan Hendregan

Blake Gallant

Connor Crozier

Tanner Hood

Drew Nelson


Any of the PLAYERS with questions please contact ME via e-mail at . Sorry ther is not room for everyone as previous mentioned to the boys we would like everyone to AP if they wish to as there will be lots of oppertunity to play throughout the winter. Good luck in your up coming season.



October 10, 2016
Roster for Exhibition Game

Here is the line up for Wednsdays Exhibition game. Players please be at the rink at 7:00 cost is $10 for all players.

Cedric Stead

Connor Chapman

Connor Gauthier

Griffin Hughes

Aiden Fraser

Rowan Walsh

Connor Reardon

Garett MacDougal

Matt Lank

Owan Hendregan

Ethan Hendregan

Jackson Roberts

Tanner Hood

Jack Robinson

Drew Nelson

Bryce Thompson

Connor Crozier


Sitting out will be Cameron Lank, Carter Worth, Blake Gallant, Cody Jay and Ryan Clory.

Thanks to all the players who tried out good luck with your upcoming season.

October 9, 2016
Info on Midget AA team for 2016


Here are some things to consider both time wise and money wise before commiting to play on the Midget AA team.

Last year it was around $550 extra to play on this team. This covered all tournaments, rep fees and all other expenses.

We will be in 5 tournaments . Here are the tournaments we will most likley enter in . There could be changes but this is what we are looking at.

Early Bird Nov 17-20

Pownal Dec 1-4

Noresmen Jan 12-15

Dieppe Feb

Provincials March 24-26

Our Practice time for the winter will be on Monday nights at 8:40 at the APM and attendance is manditory. Its hard to practice unless you have a full team . Practice is 1 hour long.

Our game time is Thursday at 7:30-9:00. We play 3 15 min periods with a flood between the 2nd and 3rd.

We normally have one away game a week the odd time two.

Once we get going we get our schedule in place and we try not to change it much as we know the boys have work and other stuff on the go. We do how ever expect the boys to be committed to the team and organize thier schedule around the team and make it to all team events.

When picking the team we are lucky to have a lot of good players to pick from. Unfortunately we can't take everyone and we will have some tough decisions to make. So hopefully everyone will respect the process and respect our decissions.

After the team is picked this is the way will coach the team. Everyone gets ice time and for the most part we roll 3 lines but we will coach situational ( defensive faceoffs, offensive face offs ) hockey and we will have a power play and penalty kill. We sometimes go with the hot goalie when in tournaments or important games. Nobody sits on the bench and we try to develope all players to become better players and better young men. The ice time is not always even but everyone plays. This is a picked team and there will be a set of rules for everyone to fallow and if not we will take playing time away in the way of shifts or games. This all comes back to RESPECT. This will be a well behaved team on and off the ice so we can travel into different communities and be welcomed. I feel that I am the face of this team and I take that responsability very seriously.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me or talk to me at the rink.



David and Staff 

October 6, 2016
Tryout format and schedule

Here is the tryout sdhedule and format for the Midget AA team this year. All midget players that are regstered with NRMHA are welcome to try out.

Saturday 5:10-6:10 Mac-Z

             6:20-7:20 A-Mab

All players will play in the intersquad game that attended tryouts on Saturday please be at the rink by 8:00.

 Cost is $10 for this session.

Monday 8:40-9:40 Intersquade game

There will be cuts after this session to get number down for exhibition games list will be posted on this web site.

Cost is $10 for this session.


Wednsday 7:30-9:00 Exibition game vs Sherwood

Cost for this session is $10 for all remaining players wether you play or not.

Team will be picked by Thursday Night and will be posted on this web site.

Any questions on anything give me a call or talk to me at the rink.




October 2, 2016
Welcome to a new hockey season

Welcome all players and parents to a new hockey season. I am happy to announce we have the same coaching staff back as last year and are under the staff tab on the team web site along with my contact info if anyone has any questions. You may notice I already have a manager that has been with me the last two years. He no longer has a kid on the team but is eger to do the job and does a wonderfull one at that.

Now for the hockey...

Want to welcome all Midget players that are regstered with NRMHA to come out to conditioning camps this week. Its a great time to try out the new gear and sticks and see if we can whip you all into game shape. All players are welcome there will be no body contact as these sesions are meant for everyone to get a chance to get on the ice and get ready for another season weather it be AA or A that you wish to play. I know some of you play school sports so make whatever sessions you can.

The cost is $25 for all three sesions or $10/ session. PLEASE pay in the lobby before going on the ice.

The schedule for conditioning is on the main web site under the shedule tab.

I will have details on the tryout formate by mid week.



David Lank


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