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March 31, 2011
March 31 to April 03; KV / St.John NB Dairy Queen Hockey Tournament


North River Flames are in Division ‘A’ and have the following game times;

Friday, April 01 – 5:45pm at the Rothesay Netherwood School Arena; KV Devils vs North River Flames

Saturday, April 02 – 3:30pm at the Quispamsis Arena; KV Canadians vs North River Flames

Saturday, April 02 – 7:15pm at the Rothesay (KV) Arena; North River Flames vs Lancaster Leafs

Sunday, April 03 – 8:00am at the Rothesay (KV) Arena; Quarter-Final – 2nd place Div. ‘A’ vs 3rd place Div. ‘B’

Sunday, April 03 – 8:00am at the Quispamsis Arena; Quarter-Final – 2nd place Div. ‘B’ vs 3rd place Div. ‘A’

Sunday, April 03 – 12:00pm at the Rothesay (KV) Arena; Semi-Final – 1st place Div. ‘A’ vs winner of the Quispamsis Quarter-Final Game

Sunday, April 03 – 12:00pm at the Quispamsis Arena; Semi-Final – 1st place Div. ’B’ vs winner of the Rothesay (KV) Quarter-Final Game

Sunday, April 03 – 3:00pm at the Quispamsis Arena: Final – Winner of the Rothesay (KV) Semi-Final Game vs Winner of the Quispamsis Semi-Final Game

Please note that Leah has blocked off rooms for us at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites.  The room rate is $109.00 plus applicable taxes which includes a Complimentary Hot Breakfast Buffet.  There is also a Hospitality Room -    Complimentary.  The hotel is located at 400 Main St. and Chelsey Drive in St. John, NB.

We have heard that there may be some issues with some of the Reservations at the Holiday Inn Express in St. John and we suggest that all of you who have already made reservations there, and those who are still to make reservations, please call them again to confirm you are still registered for the Friday and Saturday nights (01 and 02 April).  Also, please do let them know that when you re-contact them that you are part of the North River Flames hockey team to ensure your rate and to also be placed on the same floor level with the other players and parents.


The number to call to Reserve your Room is (506) 642-2622 for front desk.  The block of Rooms is Reserved under "North River Bantam Rec Team with contact person Leah Philips.  The manager's number is (506) 642-7753 OR You can also email them, attention: BRIAN LAWERENCE     brian.lawerence@hiesaintjohn.comIf you have Any questions or concerns please contact either Troy Leard or Dak Conklin.

March 28, 2011


We started the first of the regular season in last place and through some great improvements in your skill levels and the coalescence into a unified team over the five months of hockey you all managed to finish the regular season as the 2nd place team.  This was a great accomplishment and all of you guys should be Very Proud of that.  We really see how this Rec league has promoted the skills of each of you players and we’re so glad that this league was initiated and that we were all able to take part in it.

 I know you guys may be bummed a bit from ending up third in the Provincials but that is not how you should feel at all.  You showed in the first three games of the Provincials what quality hockey is all about.  You had some of the best passing, puck handling, speed, skating, shots, and sportsmanship that could possibly be expected from any Bantam team anywhere.  We heard from some other coaches in different levels of how well our team played and acted on the ice during those games.  Kudos to all of you young men who have elevated your game to such a great height in this Bantam season, Great Job Guys!  We have had a great journey through this season and one full of many players’ personal accomplishments.


Now let's have a fun time at the St. John, NB Dairy Queen Spring Finale Tournament this coming weekend.

February 21, 2011
Team Pictures Orders due Feb 21st

The Due Date for having our picture orders in from the pictures taken by the Picture Guy; is Monday, 21st Februray.  To view and decide what you want to order go the the website;  and use the code "11SBN599" to view the pictures.

All those who order pictures by the 21st February will have them processed with the rest of the team.  Remember, you must put in your own individual order on line and while under that code so all the correct team name and logos will be attached to the cards, etc...

Thanks and have a great day.

February 20, 2011
Feb.20 (Sun), 5:30 pm at Pownal Arena vs Pownal

GAME February 20th (Sunday) at 5:30 pm at Pownal Arena vs Pownal.  Please be at rink 45min. before game time.  THIS IS THE SECOND OF TWO GAMES TODAY.

February 20, 2011
Feb.20 (Sun), 10:15 am at Ch'town CARI '???' vs Sherwood Falcons

GAME February 20th (Sunday) at 10:15 am at Charlottetown CARI '???' vs Sherwood Falcons.  Please be at rink 45min. before game time.  THIS IS GAME 1 OF 2 TODAY.

February 19, 2011
Feb.19 (Sat), 5:20 pm at Morell Rink vs. Sherwood Gladiators

GAME February 19th (Saturday) at 5:20 pm at  Morell Rink vs Sherwood Gladiators.  Game will now be held at the Morell Rink At 5:20pm. Please be at Rink 45min. before game time.

February 15, 2011
Feb.15 (Tue), 5:50 pm at Crapaud PRACTICE


February 15, 2011
Game vs Sherwood Falcons Feb 20th

Game Feb 20th at Cari vs Sherwood Falcons 10:15

January 14, 2011
Team Budget

Copies of the team budget are available if you wish to obtain a copy please see Leah at the rink

January 1, 2011

Great Job AT the George Trainor Boys !!!

December 23, 2010
Practice Comments

Those of you who attended the practice in Crapaud this past Tuesday; I wanted to let you know that most of you really worked hard and pushed yourselves, which is exactly what you need to do at our practices.  It's about working as hard and fast as you can and doing so through the whole practice.  This strengthens your muscles as well as gives you much more stamina during your games so that you can go out each shift as hard and fast as you can and outskate the other teams.

The other thing to remember at the practice is to do, or try your best to do, all the drills as we describe them to you.  If you don't get it right away don't worry about it but you must continue to try the drills as these drills are focussed on improving your skills and your game.  So never fall back to something that is known and easier but continue to work on the drills as they are described to you.  After all that is what practices are about learning new things and improving your skills.

Most of you guys had a fantastic practice and we're all very proud of you for working so hard.  We're also very proud of you for never giving up during our games and pushing and playing as hard as you can to the end.  We've outplayed the other teams the last 5 games and been pressuring them in their end the majority of the time.  We need to focus on shooting more at their net and being there for the rebounds as well as being prepared defensively for any break-outs.  We have a great team and you all are some of the best players in our league.  Keep up the great playing and continue to give it your all every game right to the end.  We'll be there on the winning side of the scoreboard if you continue to do so.  Remember also that you are still making some of the best plays of your hockey careers and you will continue to do so with the determination you are showing.  There have been some great personal triumphs in the season so far and you guys will remember those plays for the rest of your lives.

We really enjoy working with you because of your great attitudes, hard work, and perseverence so keep it up.

Merry Christmas guys and all the Best for 2011!

December 12, 2010

Please get your team fees to Leah as soon as possible .We have to cover the costs of our Ice Times for Practice and upcoming Tournaments

December 8, 2010
Practice Committments

Great Practice Last Evening Guys!  Great job on hussling, staying with the drills, and keeping your heads up.

It's very important to remember that your practice time is critical to attend and that you need to work as hard and skate as fast as you can at all times of the practice.  Not only is this time buildng your skills and our teamwork but it is also building up your stamina and your strength so that during games you won't get winded as quickly and will have strong legs throughout the whole game.  Try to keep this in mind in our next practice and go full out all the time so that you are totally exhausted and sweating buckets by the time practice is done.  You'll be more fit and better prepared for the upcoming games if you do.

If you can't make a practice please contact Greg, Dak, or Troy and let us know so we are aware who is going to be on the ice and we can organize our practice time and drills appropriately.

Again, Great Practice and keep up the great work and great team spirit ... We are Rocking now ... Let's keep it going and keep getting better and faster ... We can make ourselves the team that others will have to beat on the road to provincials!


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