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March 25, 2011
Just a reminder about tomorrow.  Please try to have the kids dressed and ready to go for 8am. 
I picked up the trophys today.  They came to $138 tax included.  Here is the break down of the Jamboree and trophy expences and revenues.
$150        Pownal Jamboree
$138        Trophies
$288        Total
We had 11 players for the Jamboree once everyone pays thats $110.  After we get the rest of  money for the trophies we should have $150.
$110    Player contribution to Jamboree
$  30    Left over from NR Jamboree
$150    Contribution to Trophies ( We have a total of $70 left to collect from both jamboree and Trophy Contributions
$290   Total which leaves us with $2.00.  "I think I will invest it for future years.
After the trophy presentations on Tuesday 4:30  there is Cake upstairs for the kids.  I think we will just leave it up to you to look after your kids if they want some fries and drink.  This way there is no money to collect.  Hope all are in favor of this.  If your have any other ideas we can discuss them after the game tomorrow or drop me an e-mail.

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