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18-19 Bantam AAA Spring Valley Building Centre Mid-Isle Matrix - Team News Archives

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Mid-Isle Matrix Players!
Team News Over 5 Days Old
September 23, 2018
Mid-Isle Matrix Major Bantam AAA

MId-Isle Matrix would like to present your:

2018/19 Mid-Isle Matrix Major Bantam team.

Best of luck to your upcoming season.


G-   Noah Visser
      Tyler Rogers
D-   Sarah MacEachern
      Braedan Tremere 
      Jack Rowell
      Chris MacDougall
      Ryan MacDonald
      Jordan Mahar
F-   Spencer Toole
      Graysen LaPorte 
      Liam Wood
      Nolan Cobb
      Jay MacDonald
      Carson MacDougall
      Jayden Murphy
      Myles Grant
      Jacob Doucette 
      Brennan Murphy
      Angus Beaton

September 20, 2018
Mid Isle Matrix jamboree roster

Good evening,

The following is the Mid Isle Matrix jamboree roster:

G- Tyler Rogers

- Zac Toner

- Noah Visser


D - Sarah MacEachern

- Ryan MacDonald

- Gabe Tweel

- Jack Rowell

- Malcolm MacDonald

- Chris MacDougall

- Braedon Tremere

- Jordon Mahar


F -Jayden Murphy

- Evan Andrews

- Angus Beaton

- Nolan Kobb

- Kaleb MacCormac

- Carson MacDougall

- Jacob Doucette

- Jay MacDonald

- Creegan Thompkins

-Jack Dickie

- Liam Wood

- Brennan Murphy

- Spencer Toole

- Graysen Laporte

- Miles Grant

September 14, 2018
TRYOUTS Bantam Matrix AAA Spring Valley Building Centre Mid-Isle Matrix

Bantam Matrix AAA Spring Valley Building Centre

Mid-Isle Matrix


Groups 1 and 2 are requested to report to APM at the following times.

No Cuts this in the first round due to the numbers.

Group #1 & Group 2

Sept 15th 12:00 Ice Time APM

Sept 17th 8:00 Ice Time APM

Sept 19th 7:45 Ice Time APM


Sept 16th 4:50 Ice Time APM

Please arrive one hour early as per Coaches instructions.


Ryan MacDonald (D)
William Lowther (D)
Braedan Tremere (D)
Jordan Mahar (D)
Christopher MacDougall (D)
Caden Dawson (F)
Jay MacDonald (F)
Miles Grant (F)
Spencer Toole (F)
Nolan Cobb (F)
Malcolm MacDonald (F)
Carson MacDougall (F)
Kaleb MacCormac (F)
Cameron MacLean (F)
Tyler Rogers (G)

Zac Toner (G)


Gabe Taweel (D)
Malcolm MacDonald (D)
Zach Langdale (D)
Sarah MacEachern (D)
Cade Butler (D)
Ryan O'Connor (F)
Jacob Doucette (F)
Jayden Murphy (F)
Evan Andrews (F)
Angus Beaton (F)
Graysen LaPorte (F)
Liam Wood (F)
Mason Ward (F)
Riley McKinnon (F)
Jakob MacDonald (G)
Thomas Gillis (G)
Noah Visser (G)