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October 18, 2013
Bantam Girls Team Selection

Good morning,

as you know, there are three Bantam A girls teams for the 2013-14 season out of the Zone 2/Mid-Isle Wildcats area.  On Wednesday, the majority of players were evaluated and ranked by the three head coaches (Lowell Stevenson, Jason Darrach, Dougie Leclair), the players were then divided into three equal teams, based on the ratings assigned by coaches. 


The first priority was to attempt to balance the skill level on the teams.  Many requests for were made to pair/group players for travel, friendship, etc.  Each of these requests were considered and where possible, accommodations were made.  Not every request made was fulfilled and I would ask that you please consider the amount of time and effort made by volunteers to provide a) a place for everyone to play, b) equal teams across the zone with c) a reasonable geographic traveling distance. 


We are actively seeking a goaltender for TEAM 2- Southside as we found out yesterday morning that one of our goaltenders will not be playing. Again, we ask for your patience while we explore options. 


The table below contains the coaches name(s), available game and practice time information, and player lists.  The team lists are final and requests to change teams will not be considered.  Thank you in advance for your understanding of this important point. 


Please be advised that the next ice time for both Team 1- North River and Team 2- Southside is Saturday, October 19 @ 1:50 pm.

Rebecca Smith, currently injured and unsure when she will be able to play.  If able to return, Rebecca will be evaluated and placed on either Team 1 or 2, dependent on the strength of the teams.  

October 18, 2013
Bantam Girls Team 1 Roster

Team 1 – North River
Games – North River
Practice – Crapaud
Times TBA
Lowell Stevenson
John –Marc LaFlamme
Dean MacLean

Gia Green
Lisa Stevenson
Kennedy LaFlamme
Alyssa Maclean
Devon Green
Abby Clow
Mikayla Larsen
Maura Barna
Madeline Paquet
Sarah Thorne
Kellyn Laverty
Morgan Cormier
Sydney Wheatley
Jessica Gallant
Niko Coady
Taylor Scott

October 18, 2013
Bantam Girls Team 3 Roster

Team 3 – East Prince Wildcats
Game time - Tues 630 at Gateway Arena
Practice time - Sat 440 at CUP.
Doug LeClair
Kathy Drummond

Danielle Gallant
Maggie LeClair
Emma Gallant
Hailey VanDuinkerken
MaryKate Picketts
Kristen Murray
Alison McMurdo
Caleigh MacDonald
Riley MacDonald
Mikayla Palmer
Kristi Drummond
Payton Reeves
Shang Lee Tran
Keith MacVittie
Jennifer Stewart

October 18, 2013
Bantam Girls Team 2 Roster

Team 2 – Southside
Games – North River
Practice – Crapaud
Times TBA
Jason Darrach

Goalie Unknown at this time
Alexis Oullette
Sarah Clark
Colby Bell
Brenna Howatt
Joelle Murphy
Rachael Adams
Brittney Peters
Savana MacLaughlin
Lauren MacTavish
Emily Sands
Tait Tierney
Taylor Carragher
Brianna O’Connor
Sydney Northcott

October 15, 2013
Bantam Girls Team Selection

 We are making progress on the process for making our Bantam Girls team selection.

As most of you are aware, NRMHA will be joining forces with Rustico and Southside to ice 2 teams for this 2013-14 season. Across the zone (K'town, Rustico, Summerside, Southside, North River) there are currently 42 skaters and 2 goaltenders, with a possible 3rd goaltender.  Our primary goal is to divide the teams as equally as possible.

3 Teams will be iced out of this total, broken down as follows :
Teams 1 & 2
North River (18 +2), Rustico (4) + Southside (7) = 29 + 2

Team 3
Summerside (8) + Kensington (1) + Southside (6)= 15 + ? (possibly 1 from K'town)

In order to facilitate the equal division of the teams, the 3 coaches involved are going to rank the players.   This will occur this Wednesday, October 16th @ 8:40 pm for the Rustico and North River players.  This is a scheduled conditioning time but in the interest of moving the process forward we are asking that all players attend.  PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL TO LET ME KNOW IF YOU WILL BE AT THE RINK.

fyi - Players from Southside/Summerside/Ktown players will be ranked in Borden on Wednesday night as well.

Also, Many of you have made requests to be paired with another specific player and we will be considering these requests in the team selection process.

Any questions, please let me know.



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