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Covid Protocol

September 1, 2021 - Archived Association News

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APM Covid Protocol (Submitted by APM Centre).

This may change but at this time these are the rules we are expected to follow.

Some Details to highlight.

  1. Players can only enter 30 to 15 minutes before ice time. We would like all players in the building 15 minutes prior to ice time.
  2. Players and parents should not block the entrance walkway (stay in your car until it is time to enter)
  3. Players cannot enter until the contact tracer is in the lobby and ready to enter the group.
  4. All player and spectator lists must be turned into the canteen at the end of each ice time.
  5. Spectators Enter the building once all players are in and the spectators from the ice time before having left the building.
  6. You must have a volunteer in the lobby to do contact tracing once this person leaves, we will lock the arena doors.
  7. Your volunteer Contact tracer must ensure at exit time that there is no crossover with players and spectators. (Communicating with our staff will be helpful as they can help)
  8. U7 to U9 (kids that need parents in the dressing room) these parents can go in with the players but they must stay in the dressing rooms and then move to the top of the arena to watch and then return to the dressing room when the kids are leaving the ice.
  9. Spectators should remain in their seats until all the players have left the ice exiting once all players are in the dressing room.
  10. Camp Coaches will be able to use the ref's room when available. (Sometimes not available if this is the case, they need to change with the players or get a separate room)
  11. Social Distance is still a thing so people should be allowed distance at entrance.

Records-keeping for contact tracing Information from the province web site Please ensure you are keeping good records.

  • Records must include full names (first and last) and phone numbers, must be printed clearly and legibly, must include contextual information such as the name of the activity and the time of the activity, and must indicate whether an individual is a participant or attendee, volunteer, or staff.
  • Operators must have a process in place to quickly retrieve records, should they be needed, including on weekends.
  • Records should be stored in a safe, secure location for one month after the creation of the records, and then disposed of using a secure destruction method to maintain confidentiality.

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